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Default Why no LCD framing with DSLR?

I've read the mantra that "you can't frame a shot on the LCD with a DSLR because it's an SLR. Is there any technical reason why this can't be done, however? I mean, what's to prevent the manufacturer from having a mode that flips up the mirror, displays what's on the sensor to the LCD, and then captures the image when you release the shutter? Would it have to close the shutter and then re-open it for the proper amount of time? Don't point-and-shoots (that allow LCD framing) still have some sort of shutter mechanism?
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No technical reason...

It's been done before on the E10/20 with a prism and on Canon RT film camera with a non moving semi transparent mirror!

The shutter can be dealt with electronically (ie sample the signal)... but then the CCD/sensor would have to run much longer than a fraction of a second to display the image continuously like a videocam on the LCD, and then you won't be able to shoot 1000 of shots on just 1 battery either! :P

The shutter on most point and shoot is there to perform dark frame substraction on long exposure, or on certain type of CCD (such as interline) that needs the shutter close while the charge are being shifted out... ie the shutter works in reverse and closes after the picture is taken and remains open the rest of the time... :idea:
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