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With all of the complaining and whining about our multi-megapixel, auto-everything 'Vunder Kameras' it is illuminating to see something TRULY dreadful :?being marketed (and SOLD to unsuspecting people) as a 'digital camera'.


and the 'Deluxe' version:


On the other hand, the film community has the Lomo for photographic 'slumming' maybe we could have a BreezeCam forum for shots so bad they are good! :lol:

Nevertheless, it really puts what we have now into perspective.

No matter what camera you have...it COULD be worse!


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Hey, I have a 1.4Meg digicam built into my cell-phone!
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 4:27 AM   #3
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When will we start seeing

low cost
high figure of merit
low noise
fast shutter speeds in the dark without a flash
small size

all in the same package

for example, for $200, a camera with a figure of merit > 8*10^12 (the Panasonic FZ20 has just a little more than 1/10th of this at 917294284800) that can get clean 8x10s at full resolution at ISO6400, is capable of getting a good sports shot under starlight at full telephoto, and fits in a shirt pocket?

Will that EVER happen in our lifetime?
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 6:43 AM   #4
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I think we're already running into a laws-of-physics limit regarding pixel (photosite)size vs. noise at high ISO, so if you want something that will take acceptable 8x10s at full res at ISO 6400, you'll need some rather large pixels. You can get decent 8x10s from 2 or 3 megapixels (assuming you don't want to look at them through a loupe/magnifier), but even at that, you'll need a pretty big sensor--which means you'll need a lens with a hefty (compared to current digital cameras) focal length to get close to a "normal" perspective (as opposed to "wide angle"). Ask for a zoom and the lens just gets bigger and heavier. Big sensor + big heavy lens = large package, so it won't fit into any shirt pocket I've ever seen.

I hada Kodak DC3200, which had a ONE-megapixel sensor and a fixed focal length lens, which was a moderate wide-angle. Low-light photos weren't too bad, but there was no way it could produce any kind of usable image at anywhere near ISO 6400 (if the electronics were to support that) and pixels were visible in 8x10s--and that thing was a brick!
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 9:15 AM   #5
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This is funny. :lolfrom the FAQ in the web site)
3) Will it take pictures in the dark?

It will take the pictures. But they will be pitch black

Mine does the same thing unless I use the flash. :G
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 10:20 AM   #6
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My first digicam was a Kodak DC3200, and I took my best ever photo on it. Subequent cameras have been 'better' or had more features, but this one was beautifully simple and allowed me to concentrate on the image. Ah, what a blast from the past!
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 5:01 PM   #7
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Hehe, something very similar to this was actually the very first digicam I owned! It was an impulse buy, I think it cost me £30 from Tesco and I was under no illusions regarding how dire the results would be. After all it went into the shopping trolley right next to the deoderant and a sack of spuds. It went on my keyring and it was good fun to pull it out and grab a photo of the unsuspecting. I found the results were actually very slightly better than the first camera phones I saw.

The big thing about this "confession" is that it was buying my keyfob-cam that actually convinced me that it might be time to look at getting a proper digital camera. I'd had my EOS 500N for years and I was happy with the results I was getting, but this thing actually showed me the convenience of digicams. Never looked back since. I still have it around somewhere here. I'm expecting delivery of my 20D tomorrow, erm, hopefully some better results from that

A few minutes later I've just found it - the L'espion "DigitalDream". Now, where did I put that mini USB cable...

Okay, here we go. Now this is straight from the camera, no fancy PhotoShop tricks here, hell - I've not even run it through any NR software. Constructive comments welcome...

Attached Images
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 5:08 PM   #8
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Great technology, I wonder if they will build a cell phone into it someday. :blah:

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Old Feb 8, 2005, 8:59 PM   #9
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PeterP wrote:
Great technology, I wonder if they will build a cell phone into it someday. :blah:

That just gave me a thought... I wonder what it would be like to be chased by some lion because someone called you on yourdSLR just as you were about to take aphoto of thelion.

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