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Old May 7, 2004, 10:47 PM   #1
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I just got a S410 Elph and I have a A200 camera, but I want to know why this pic is blurry taking it with flash an arm length away. I dont get it...:?

Is there anything on the net to learn how to take good pictures and how to use all these functions on a camera like exposure, ISO speed, and all that stuff?


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Old May 7, 2004, 11:26 PM   #2
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Your photohas been converted to a large (>5MB) .bmp file, with the EXIF stripped, so I can't see the settings you were using (Aperture, Focal Length, etc.).

Anyway, the photo looks to be focused fine (face of subject is sharp). You may be looking at the closer portion of the photo (hand), or background in the photo.

Because you were so close toyour subject, you have limited Depth of Field (the amount of the photo that is in focus).

Anyway, Depth of Field is impacted by distance to your Focus Point (the closer you are, the less of a photo that will be in focus), Aperture (a wider aperture/lower F-Stop rating decreases Depth of Field), Focal Length (how much optical zoom you are using, with more zoom giving you less depth of field).

In other words,because you were so close, and the camera's autoexposure probably chose it's widest aperture (lower F-Stop Number), less of the photo was in focus. See this Depth of Field Calculator: http://dfleming.ameranet.com/dofjs.html

Plug in the camera model as the S400 (which should have the same lens and sensor size as your S410). Then plug in 7.4mm (which is the actual focal length of your lens at it's 36mm equivalent widest setting), and experiment with different distances to your focus point.

Then experiment with other settings likefocal length to see how it impacts DOF (your maximum focal length is 22.2mm at full zoom).

To learn more aboutdigital cameras, try http://www.shortcourses.com

P.S. - also check the specs for your model to see what it's closest focus distance is without using macro focus mode, so you'll know how close you can get.

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Old May 8, 2004, 12:32 AM   #3
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Thank you very very much Jim,

That was a great answer. I think the Macro mode is 46cm away. so that might mean something, I had no zoom, So i am experimenting more..
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Old May 8, 2004, 8:48 AM   #4
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Experimenting is the best way to learn - and with digital photography, it doesn't cost you a bean. Take lots of different versions of the picture with different settings, just see what the results are.

And remember, with most (all?) cameras, if you keep the JPG that the camera produces, the camera will store a lot of info on what settings you chose in the EXIF data in the picture. If your camera doesn't come with software which can read the EXIF data, there are shareware EXIF viewers available.
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There is little I can add to JimC's answer. I just wanted to say that I downloaded a copy of the picture and tried to sharpen it in PhotoShop.

Well, I didn't get very far. It did look a bit better, but not much (not enough that it was worth posting a copy back to you.) I wasn't sure if you tried doing any editing or if this was straight out of the camera.

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Old May 8, 2004, 4:13 PM   #6
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It's a flash shot. At a guess I'd say the cam has no illuminator to assist focusing in dark conditions. So the autofocus latched on to the brightest objects in the field of view, which happened to be the lights in the background. Result: the background is sharp, the foreground isn't. (Remember - the camera has to focus BEFORE the flash fires).

In situations like this, unless your cam has an autofocus illuminator, the only solution may be manual focus.

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Old May 9, 2004, 2:10 AM   #7
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That looks like a self portrait! Did you take it yourself? The look of concentration is very stern!!!! :OBackground is pin sharp, you were probably just too close?!?!?
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Old May 10, 2004, 12:38 AM   #8
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Maybe i was too close
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