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creationist Sep 5, 2006 12:14 AM

Why prosumer camera don't have a bulb? I know of no brand as far as I know. If the manufacturer afraids that the battery cannot cope, perhaps they can limit it to say 5 mins. Its so useful esp. when taking fireworks or car lights. No one knows for sure when the next burst of fire or when the next car will cut across. So the next best thing is to set on manual and making preassumption of say say 10 sec is not very good.

Can someone explain?

PhotoFusion Sep 5, 2006 4:43 AM

The Olympus c-8080 had bulb mode.

rjseeney Sep 5, 2006 7:15 AM

The small sensor size will significantly magnify noise levels when long exposures are used. You would also experience significant battery drain.

asam Sep 5, 2006 12:36 PM

The Olympus SP-500 UZ has 8min bulb mode but "the shutter remains open as long as the shutter button is pressed". Remote shutter release? - there is no such option!


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