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I've seen wonderful "specs" for the Samsung A55W (big LCD, MPEG4, wide-angle!, big zoom, small, etc) and it all seems wonderful on paper. I beleive this camera has been out a while, relative to the press release statements. I can't find any local vendors that stock it so that I can play with it...so I'm looking to the reviewers and there are none! I can order this camera TODAY from Best Buy.com or AMAZON or Target.com, so I know it's available. I need to know the stuff we all do: shutter release speeds, does the LCD gain up? etc

Why is a camera with so much potential (great unique features and cheap) not reviewed?


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Well I can't answer why there are no reviews, but here is quick one!

I went to Sam's club (after calling Samsung and asking if ANY local retailers existed). Within 1 minute I had the bad news I needed:

Shutter lag is unacceptable. It's really bad, and it had we wondering "what is this thing doing?" It resulted in several pictures of the ground because I moved my positioning after I thought, "It has to be done by now".

Flash is stupid. There are two flash settings. Off and double-flash (red eye reduction). What if I'm taking a picture of something without eyes? Like scenary or inanimate objects? Do I really HAVE to have the double flash? Yes. Plus, it takes longer because there is at least .5 to 1 second between the flashes. Oh, well then maybe that's why the shutter was SO long, it was the whole double flash, right? Wrong, I turned the flash off and the shutture lag was still an eternity.

Lens/zoom is clunky. It is not smooth and doesn't instill confidence of reliability.

Oh, well what a great camera on paper! 28mm wide, 5x optical, MPEG4, 2.5" high-res screen....Never, never buy a product on specs alone!

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