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I am wondering if anyone can provide me some insighton the use of the Internal flash on the new C-8080 Wide Zoom. I currently have the C-5050 which I truely like allot but there is one problem that annoys me. The issue of installing a wide angle adapter lens to it and taking inside shots. I have also applied the use of the FL-50 flash unit and depending on the ceilings, I can avoid the problem, for bounce effect. It appears that a shadow does appear on the photo in the lower left portion of the photo with the C-5050. Since I assume that this internal flash is not a pop-up, the shadow appears to be from the flash burst being blocked by the wide angle adapter lens. With the new C-8080 which has a pop-up flash, does also provide the same dilema? Is it less prevalent with the use of an external flash? Anyone have good answers for this. Reason for the question is I take allot of interior photos of my projects, at times my ceilings are too high to "bounce" my flash. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am seriously considering the Olympus C-8080 if this is not an issue.

Please see this link,

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The C-8080's popup helps but it is still not recommended to use the internal flash when you have a wide angle adapter lens on the camera. I would recommend using the external flash with either a bounce card or diffuser like the ones sold by Lumi.

For any flash picture it is always preferred to use an external flash. The builtin flash units are OK for snapshots but for real photographs with even lighting and no harsh shadows you can't beat an external flash being bounced or diffused.

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I would be interested which wide-angle adapter you are using on your C-5050... the reasoning being that the c-5050 stock lens @ maxwideangle is 35mm while the c-8080 stock lens @ maxwideangle is 28mm. So if your using say a 0.8x wide angle adapter on your c-5050 your end wide angle is the same 28mm the c-8080 has at stock. What im basically saying is you may be able to get away without having to use a wideangle adapter on the newer camera so for the most part the flash coverage won't become an issue.

The problem with the flash units built onto cameras is they are designed for the stock lens without additional wide/telephoto lenses being utilized. The camera itself doesn't know that you need a wider than 35mm coverage because your using a wide angle adapter....and as far as I know none of the C series cameras have an option to widen the flash coverage manually. As stevepointed out, an external flash might be your best option to get the end results your looking for. The C-8080 with a wide angle adapter

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If you look at the link below, I was using a Titanium I.R. 0.42 AF Super Wide Angle lens with my C-5050 Zoom. This was purchased through eBay for $30.00 (I know cheap price but it does work). As you can see, the lens with use of the internalflash does create shadow to lower left. With an external flash like my Promaster 5550DX Digital, I have the ability to transverse from 90 degress to 180 degrees and rotate left to right 360 degrees. Great flash unit!


These shots were taken this last February using my C-5050 Zoom. Most were without the wide angle lens adapter on. No filters were used and all shots were done through minor adjustments on exposure only. Some barrel distortion is noticeable but I liked the ability to increase the width.Overall performance of the camera is great!


I would like to purchase the C-8080 as it does seem to have a wider spread and for what I do, residential design, I am constantly taking inside shots of before, during and after construction. With what I described and what you mentioned, then where would the C-8080 fall with the widest angle I could shoot without an adapter in comparison with that on my C-5050 Zoom? The suggestion that Steve mentioned is that when inside, avoid flash usage or at least with the use of a wide angle adapter, avoid usage. Externals would be the better choice if you needed extra light but in some projects, I have no or higher than normal ceilings to bounce light.

Does this help you out?
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