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Originally Posted by jacksmart
I was wondering what it would be like to try a Nikon 5700 with the wide attachment. Has anyone had experience with it?
Personally, no...but Raynox has a page showing their lenses on the 5700 at http://www.raynox.co.jp/english/digital/egnikon5700.htm and you can click on links to actual comparison images between the bare 5700 and the 5700 with that specific lens on it. For wide angle, I'd concentrate on their DCR-6600PRO...it gives more wide angle than their 720 but at the same time a lot less barrel distortion; of course the camera the lens is on makes a difference, but having seen the same lenses on the Olympus C-750 shows the difference in distortion of the lenses...besides that they chose a much better subject for the C-750 examples showing the distortion in the DCR-720 lens at http://www.raynox.co.jp/comparison/d...tm#dcr-6600pro
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Aux wide angle lenses tend to be bulky and defeat the purpose of a prosumer digicam IMO. It isn’t that I’m too cheap to buy a DLSR, I just don’t want to carry all that junk around like I did with my 35mm SLR.

Konica made a little full frame 35mm camera with a 28-70 zoom lens. http://www.photo.net/ezshop/product?product_id=2521 I replaced my Stylus 80 with it a few years ago and carried it everywhere. I have more shots with it than with my 35mm SLR gear because it was always with me, and the 28mm capability was great. At the time I bought it the Lexio 70 was the smallest zoom 35mm camera on the market. The Lexio 70 is significant to what has been discussed here in two aspects:

1 – If Konica could make a good 28-70 lens for a full frame 35mm camera there is absolutely no reason it can’t be done with the much smaller film plane area of a 5Mp CCD. It could have a larger zoom ratio and be put in at least as small a camera. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to lens design theory, but I do know that if Konica could make the smallest full frame 35mm zoom camera on the market with 28mm capability then it wouldn’t be difficult for digital.

2 – The camera was basically a failure. It took good pictures and is slightly more compact than the very successful Oly 38-80 Stylus 80, which is still being made. Were there people with SLRs that wanted a little carry 35mm – yes. Did they buy the only one available with a 28mm wide capability – no! For just a couple more ounces and a little more bulk you could go up to 150mm, and it appears a lot of people opted for tele rather than wide angle capability. I would be surprised that the limited success of the Lexio 70 is not a deciding factor in companies not bothering with wide angle capability in small digital cameras.
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Default Hey....

what is small? I think of it here as fitting into a pocket??? The Nikon WC-E63 -0.63X is a well respcted lens and will fit a number of small cameras and also easily fit into a pocket when it is not attached to your also small camera.
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Surely if there's software that can correct barrel distortion on an image, It can't be long before a cam manufacturer maps the WA lens distortion to the zoom length setting, then corrects it automatically in the shot?

It would be a good way for those cam makers that do proprietary tweaks and lock ins, to make sure you only buy their WA adaptors for best performance. VOX
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I can understand that in the past
a manufacutrer may have produced
a point and shoot that wasn't well
received in the 35 mm format.
This is a whole different ballgame-
digital photography!
I also agree with the opinion that
carrying the weight of the slr and the
numerous lenses can be a real hassel.
I like the fact that some manufacturers
are developing digicams with 7X
zoms. Only wish they would offer
some in the wide arena. Yet,
they are showing interest in improvement.
My wish for a compact with the
wide range of focal lengths seems to
be coming true to a degree. Perhaps
by next year we might see a compact
with a 7X zoom that goes from 28mm
to maybe 150+mm. That would catch many
consumers I am sure.
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