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Im planning on buying ym mom a digicam for Mothers Day. Just need a simple point and shoot camera. I was thinking of getting her this deal:


So if 3.2mp enough for regular size prints? I want her to be able to take the memory card to walmart and develop them professionally also. Would we be able to notice the pixels on the photos? Like regular print shots. Thanks in advance
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4x6 and 5x7 prints will be fine with a 3MP camera but don't forget that if you want to crop the picture you will be giving up some of those pixels.
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Old May 3, 2005, 7:18 AM   #3
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I've printed 8x10s of photos I've taken at 2 MP and 3.2 MP with my DiMage Z1, and I don't see pixels in either. (To be honest, I see ink dots, but only if I look reeeeally close.)
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I have also printed my share of prints from 2 and 3 Megapixel Cameras. In fact, most of my relativeshave 8x10" prints hanging on their wall (right by prints from 35mm cameras)that were taken with an older model2 Megapixel Nikon Coolpix 950. I can remember relatives being surprised that they were taken with a Digital Camera when they first saw them.

FWIW, I'mlooking at a framed print on a bookshelf in my office right now that was made with a lightly cropped 2 Megapixel Image that looks just fine.

You can begin to notice some slightdegradation of quality compared to higher resolution models once you get to 8x10" with 2 Megapixels on some printers, so I use software to interpolate an image (which adds pixels based on the values of adjacent pixels). Although interpolation doesn't increase the detail captured, it increases the number of pixels in the image so that you don't get pixelation (where you begin to see problems fromnotenough pixel density ina print).

A free software package known as irfanview (downloadable from http://www.irfanview.com ) has a feature that lets you interpolate when needed (I often use either Lanczos or B-Spline under the Image, Resize/Resample Menu for this purpose). Make sure to download the free plugins, too.

With 3 Megapixels, I don't think you'd need to worry about using any kind of software to interpolatefor prints up to 8x10", and there is a noticeable difference in quality going to 3 Megapixels at this size. This is plenty of resolution for good looking prints up to8x10". In the smaller sizes you're interested in, you should have no problems at all unless you need to crop too much (remove the outside edges of an image, leaving a smaller portion in the center).

I think a camera like the one you're looking at would make a great gift for Mother's Day.

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Put me down as another "Yes". :-). What a neat thing to get . Ihad a .75 megapixel, not the greatest. Then a 1.5 megapixel, sort of alright. Then a 2.1 megapixel, amazing really and can't fault the prints to be honest at 10 x 8 if the basicsare correct. A few more megapixels now, but 3.1 is fine for what you want.

All the best and an excellent idea, good on you. :-)


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Old May 3, 2005, 8:44 AM   #6
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Another yes here. I don't think pixel count per se is nearly so important as other factors. And from what you say it seems unlikely (?) that your mom is going to be cropping heavily with a computer. I have 8x10 prints from a 1.4mp camera that look very nice. It can be done.
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I own a Kodak cx-4310 3.2mp as well as a 5mp dx-7590 and to tell you the truth the 3.2 takes excellent shots for a point and shoot and Im very happy with it ,as a matter of fact I am thinking of selling it in order to finance a lense for my 5mp but I'm on the fence so to speak about even getting rid of it..the only down side to this lil cam is it does not have an optical zoom just digital but all in all a great lil camera especially for point n' shoot IMO
Well thats my 2 cents :-)
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Old May 3, 2005, 10:13 PM   #8
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Thanks for all the quick replys.

I ended up buying the package

By the way... with this printer... you just plug it in and itll print right? Do I need to resize it to fit onto a normal print? THanks.
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Old May 4, 2005, 2:01 AM   #9
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wow.. i just bought the package. Worth every penny. The printer is awesome... basic simple family friendly printer.. and the camera is perfect for point and shoot

Whats the perfect mp to print onto 4 x 6 paper? Cause I tried printing with my 5mp without any editing... doesnt seem right. Any ideas?

And where do you guys think is the cheapest to buy photo paper? All and all... awesome deal. I recommend u guys to buy it.
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My fiancee has shot the Minolta Z1 for a couple years and she does some stunning work with 3.2mpix. She has produced some awesome 8X10 prints from that camera. I bought her the Minolta A2 for Christmas and now she has stepped up to a whole new dimension: 8mpix, RAW files, Photoshop CS processing etc.

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