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No its not a free program but costs very little. Im sure it does more than what I use it for but at the moment i use it for lightening pictures and printing with the colour profiles that suit my printer.

The end results are prints that have the same colours, hue and saturation that i see with my eye.

I was never bothered by a slight mismatch before but im getting picky in my old age :lol:

You used to be able to get a trial version from them the link is here:


There is also a forum in the printing section on here that is aimed at Q image users for help ect.

I really cant recommend this program enough and like i said im sure im still not using it to its full potential.

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Ok I've gone and gotten the Q Image trial. I haven't put it on my system yet though. I'll give it a try out soon.

In the mean time something else has gone wrong. I took 50 photographs while I was down at my brother's place over the long weekend, and when I tried to burn them onto a cd in my DVD burner, I found that Windoze has automatically disabled the device for somereason. I can't get it to enable again. Itisn't spinning up to full speed, and asI haven't tried to burn a cd for a few weeks,the question becomes: is this a coincidence, or has SP2 fouled up my DVD burner in some way too?
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The only problem that Service Pack 2 has caused on my computer is with Internet Explorer. Every time I close the program, it tells me that the program encountered an error and needed to close (but I was closing it anyway). It's not much of a problem, becuase I use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser, but it is odd.
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Hi all... read throught these and thought I'd bump in with my prob. I really don't think it's limited to Epson drivers with SP2, in fact, I have an Epson Photo 870 that works perfectly under SP2, but my Sony SV77 (dye-sub) prints VERY dark and tends to be greenish. I could print ok from some apps, but I was trying to solve a prob with printing from Thumbs+ and from WinXP Wizard ( I know... lame programs, but that's not the point).

Below is what I did to "fix" it. It's a post I made to cerious software's forum:


I finally fixed it!! Works perfect now!

How did I do it??

I uninstalled SP2. Screw it, don't need the headaches.

I dug DEEP to try to figure this one out. Go ahead, play with all the .icc or .icm's (color profiles), doesn't help. Uninstall the program and all the drivers for your Sony printer, doesn't help. Strange thing, my wifes computer has SP2 and the printer is connected to mine so I decided to print from hers to my printer... and it printed PERFECT. So, I thought I'd check FILE FOR FILE which she had that I didn't and I changed my drivers and .icm file(s) to what she was using... and no luck. Printed perfect from hers and not from mine.

In thumbs+ you can play with the color management pretty easily and see instant results on your screen. Just double-click on a photo (with humans in it if you can) then slide the photo to the left of your screen a bit. Then, slide the main T+ program to the right on your screen as much as you can without covering the "Options" menu. Then click on Options/Color Management and use the "emulated device profile" to scroll through all the color profiles... click "Apply" after you put a new one in there, it will show you instantly what it looks like on your screen. I found that "Black and White" (strange), ColorMatchRBG (Adobe) and srgb color space profile (by HP) looked the best.

Didn't matter tho'.... my printer STILL printed WAY too dark from WinXP Wizard, or dark and green from T+.

So.... now I've got SP1 back on board and it all works GREAT. Looking at T+, I'm not using ANY color management, my DPP-SV77 is set to Automatic (with NO default listed below), and the srgb color space profile.icm has NO printer associated with it (right-click on the file in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\spool\drivers\color folder, and you can associate a printer with the file).

Something strange tho', when my printer prints now (again, perfectly) it seems to use "srgb color space profile.icm" by default because before it prints I click to "preview printer colors" and "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" shows up, which is associated with "srgb color space profile.icm".

Hope this gives you some insight somewhere as to where the problem is. Meanwhile, I'll keep using Google's "pop-up stopper" toolbar and leave SP2 alone till it gets fixed (I mention the pop-up stopper cause it's the ONLY benefit I saw, from my computer at least... never had a problem before this). From my initial research into this problem, I believe it has something to do with the Security Update in SP2 that prevents hackers from using .jpg files as transport. Possibly.

I should have stayed with the old saying, "if it 'ain't broke, don't fix it"

Good luck,

Dan B


Anyway... there you have it. I'm open to any clues or solutions that anyone comes up with. Thanks!


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That's interesting. I wish I understood the technical aspects of it. Strange stuff that one computer would print ok, and the other not.

For myself, I have solved the DVD burner problem by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

I wish the rest had been that easy. I have stuck it out with SP2, and have been staying up to date with every critical update. I also put some optional stuff on my system that I thought might be handy for other things.

I have also tried a profile that I found for my Olympus C5050 on the web. It installed ok I guess, I just don't know where. I also tried a number of other little things that I can't even recall after all this time. So I tried printing some photo's last week to see if anything has helped, and they came out ok. I will be printing some autumn colour soon. If they work out fine too then I will consider the problem fixed, but I will not be able to tell you just what to do, since I've been playing with this for so long now that I've lost track of everything I've tried. :sad:
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Maybe everybody already knows this, but Epson finally got around to acknowledging that SP2 has caused problems withprints coming out too dark on their printers. There are new drivers and work around tips available at their website.

Regarding that, hereis a FAQ page for the Epson 2200. Hopefully it will beinformative to owners of other models affected as well.:idea:
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