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Default The worst question is "what camera should I buy"

Unfortunately this question keeps getting asked by one new forum member after another and the majority of the other readers are tired of seeing it and therefore you will get few to no replies.

The best thing to do is to read some reviews, here and at the other site like Imaging-Resource and DP Review. Look at our sample photos, download some, print some on your own printer and then make a purchase decision.

If at all possible - see, hold, use the camera at a local store first. Some cameras do not fit some people's hands, some look bigger or smaller in the pictures. Some feel like crap in your hand and others feel perfect.

It's a wild world out there and NOBODY has the answer, just opinions and opinions are always personally biased.

And please do not post the same question in the General Q&A and the Newbie Help forums as well as the other specific camera forums - one message is enough folks. Thanks.

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That all may be true, but as a administrator on 2 forums and a mod on 3 more all PC related; I find myself answering the same questions over and over..if someone studies the reviews, and still has questions where are they supposed to get answers...? Maybe a guideline for noobs on what to ask and answer before they post, That what I have done on my PC Forums...Remember you guys have years of knowledge and hands on experience, most of the noobs (me included) have been basic film guys getting our 1st or 2nd Digital Camera and at 600.00 and up we really don't want to make a error. Ask me why to buy this Video Card over that 1 and I can show you a real difference in Industry standard bench marks, same with cpu's ,Hd's etc. Most of noobs cannot see the difference's in camera compares unless it's night and day. Every review for the Camera's I have been looking at say there very good, forums on all 3 have the usual swear by and swear at comments...so it's pretty tuff deciding..even the camera stores who sell all 3 makes have differing views....
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Well Steve, I see your point but....
as a computer technician, many people (friends, family, coworkers, strangers) always ask me my opinions on various computers. Which ones I like or don't like. Which are good or bad, etc.
I am always happy to answer.
If I ask which is better; a Kodak camera or a Casio camera, I am looking for people to say maybe don't buy this one because it is junky compared to the other, or better quality, more reliable, easy to use, good support, etc.
In the holiday season many people are either getting digital cameras or shopping for them and are looking for the help or opinions of other people with more experience.
I know I just got a Fuji FinePix A210 and it was horrible with red eye reduction so I sent it back. My ancient Toshiba 1.5 MP camera never had a problem with red eye and in a side by side test, of the exact same shots, there were no pics with red eye with the old Toshiba and almost all had red eye with the new Fuji.
So I do not know; was the Fuji plain defective, or are they all like that?
I am looking at other cameras and don't want to keep trying them and returning them. Many places frown upon that also.
So us newbies come to this fine forum, not hoping for magical answers, just a little guidance, advice, and to hear about good and bad experiences with certain cameras.
I have read the reviews here and seen many sample pics of cameras I am interested in and it is very helpful.
Do you have or know of where I can do side by side comparisons of various models? That would also help.
So thanks again for having a great site and a great forum, but it saddens me that you and many members may not like to answer the Xcamera vs. Ycamera questions buy us New Members. If someone asked me a question and I had the answer to or an opinion on, I would be happy to help!
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Would you care to offer personal advice to 200 million people on a daily basis? I think not.

If I did this or if I answered all of the "which camera should I buy" emails that I get then I would never have any time to write the reviews in the first place.

Too many give me the old "I've read all the reviews and seen the sample pictures but I still can't make up my mind which one to buy" story and look for the easy way out. And then again there are those people that haven't even bothered doing any homework on their own. We do need to do our home work and then make up our own minds about any purchase. How do you figure out what car to buy, or what house, or what shoes ...

I do my best in the review conclusions but I can't address the camera A vs camera B vs camera C issues as there are always newer and better cameras coming out. Maybe if I was an army of 1000 but unfortunately I haven't been cloned yet.

Happy New Year!

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