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i have read that even if you have a 4 mp camera, it can give less clear pics than a 3mp camera, as the 4mp have to be crammed onto a cdd the same size as the one in the 3mp camera ( in particular the casion ex-z30 and the z40). would the z30 pictures be better ( less noise) than the z40 seeing as the cdd is the same size in both? i hope im right in saying cdd, i mean the light sensitive sensor that records the picture
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It all depends on the camera and what it DOES with the pixels. Unless you are going to be blowing up images larger then 8x10 you will MOST likely - see no difference.

And it depends on WHAT you are taking pictures of!

For instance - this was taken with a 1.3Mega Pix camera and blown up to 8x10. It STILL shows very very little pixelation

Most people only NEED 3MP to get the picture they want. Of course the more pixels the larger you can blow them up - but that does not mean they will LOOK better.

Mega Pixels has very little do do with how a picture will look.

As for YOUR question (upon re-reading). good question :-)
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In that case probably that the 4mp camera would show a bit more noise, a bit more purple frigning. Its quite hard to say which pictures would look best. Probably that pictures printed at 4x6 and 5x7 would be the same and depending on the kind of pictures there could be a difference between the pics at 8x10 and higher. That is mostly just speculation and if it were me, I would go with the 3mp camera if you do not plan to print any larger than 8x10 since the difference between 3 and 4mp is quite small.
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