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Yesterday I went to plug my Nikon D50 into my PC so I could transfer photos, switched the camera on and waited for the menu to come up on the PC.
Nothing happened.
So back under the desk I went to check the cables, and noticed that I'd accidently plugged the charger for my Motorola mobile phone into the D50, as it's exactly the same shape as the camera end of the Nikon's USB cable!
Luckily the charger wasn't plugged into the wall at the time, so no damage was done, but what would this have done to the camera if it had been in? :O
Seems a bit stupid for both companies to be using the same shaped adaptor if nothing else...
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It's likely that it wouldn't have activated the smoke feature on your camera. USB is a powered bus. Your computer sends power out of its USB port, just as the Motorola adapter does.

That said I'm not going to test my theory out on my camera, but I doubt it would have hurt anything.

It's actually a good thing that Motorola uses that connector - I can charge my phone from my computer and not have to worry about where I left the charger.
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I think it very likely you would have done some damage to your camera. You are very lucky the charger was not plugged in.
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