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Hi all - i'm a new user and in desperate need of some techie advice.

I bought the cg65 earlier this year but it's turning my hair grey when trying to edit the video clips.

I can upload and play the files on my pc with quicktime/nero players (and others) but my problems occur when using editing software. I've used the software provided and also nero, ulead, movie maker, but when i add the video file to the editing software it refuses to play properly - very, very jerky. The audio is fine but the images just randomly jump through frames. This is doubly annoying with nero as it plays fine in it's stand alone player but fails in nerovision.

What am i doing wrong? i've tried countless times to uninstall and re-install software, ensured i have correct codecs.

At the moment i'm having to convert the files into avi to then edit in ulead which then converts it again to burn and loses way too much quality.

And as a general query - whats the best way to transfer my video files from the camera to the pc, edit and burn to disc with losing the least amount of video quality?

Thanks in advance


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You are copying the files to your PC first, versus trying to use or edit the video via a USB connection to the camera right?

I'd make sure you copy the video files to your PC first. Then, edit them, convert them, etc. I'd probably use a card reader to transfer them.

If that's not the issue (i.e., trying to limit yourself because of the speed of the USB connection which can cause problems), perhaps some of our members that know more about video will chime in (I'm not very familiar with video editing).

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I don't think that you are doing anything wrong - its just that your PC hardware is not powerful enough to play the H264 codec that the Xacti cg65 uses. This is widely reported on the video forums where people have upgraded from older camcorders to the latest High Definition models. I have a quad core PC with 4Gb RAM, and preview of my HD video is sometimes jerky with Pinnacle 11, but the DVDs produced play fine. Video Editing software manuals give higher PC requirements for AVCHD than standard video - you should be able to check for your software. You mentioned Nero - I have Nero 8 and it works very well with no stuttering, and the latest free upgrades talk about much lower PC specs.
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