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Default Zero minus zoom?

I have a canon digital camera with 6 times zoom.

When you turn on the camera and there's no zoom activated the setting is in somewhat of a minus zoom and you have to zoom in a little to get that rounding affect to go away.

Is there a way to tell when the camera is zoomed in to "zero"? No minus zoom and no plus zoom?
(What's the correct terminology here?)
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Hi and welcome to Steve's.

I think this is a pretty easy one. The amount or times x zoom means nothing, it is simply the relationship between the minimum and maximum focal lengths.

So say your camera is the equivalent of 30mm at its widest angle then 6x zoom will be 6 x 30mm = 180mm.

Also a 6 x zoom could be 100mm at the wide end and 600mm at the long end. So it is nothing more or less than a relationship, so there is no negative and the 0 point or actually 1 x zoom is when it is the widest possible.
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I think what you are asking is "What setting is equivalent to what I see with my naked eye?".
This is a question that gets several answers, usually. Using 35mm film equivalents, many people will say 50mm. This is because, with 35mm film, the angle of view at around 45-50mm focal length is similar to what we see with our eyes. As far as magnification, though, the focal length for 1:1 magnification is nearer 70-75mm.
How this relates to your camera, depends on the sensor size and lens focal length. As Mark mentions, it is pretty relative.
The rounding you mention is more due to the design of the lens. This is a type of distortion that is difficult to correct for, and most pronounced in 'fisheye' lenses.

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