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Default [b]Guidance on which compact 5.0MB digital camera to buy

I would like to ask a question please to the forum; I have been looking into buying a compact 5.0MB digital camera for about three weeks now. I have been to the top four camera retailers here in Ontario, Canada which is (Black's Photo, Henry's, Japan Camera, and Vistek) and each one gives me a different answer every time about which camera I should buy.

I have narrowed my choice down to two cameras and they are the CANON S50 and the PENTAX Optio 550, and each one has their own special features. Here in Ontario, Canada they retail roughly for the same price between $848.00 ~ $ 899.00 CAN, which really depends on which store you buy it from.

My question is which one you would highly recommend, based on your professional know-how and your industry expertise. Also I would please like to know why you choose that camera or perhaps you know of a better compact 5.0MB digital camera you could strongly advise me to buy as oppose to the two that I have selected.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to reading your responses.

Jack...still Camera Shy
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If i have learn't anything it's that shop people are idiots. They know much less than us because we sit here all day trollingthrough sites like this. i go to one store he says keep the fuji ... i go to another he swears by the pentax and denies the noise issue despite it being reasonably obvious. Vistek is too snotty (i lived in TO last year) and black's is a joke so stick to Henry's.

I was set to buy the pentax but hte noise issues worry me ....... go to www.dpreview.com and see for yourself. Steve's site is eadier on the eye but dpreview is the more thorough review by far.

The pentax has the great 5x zoom so it is very, very tempting but the Canon has less noise at higher ISO levels.

Bugger of a choice.
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Alfisti doesn't know the people at Vistek and Henrys are experts having never shopped there. Blacks and Japan camera I wouldn't put too much faith in, since they'd hire anybody.

The problem is every person is different in what they want in a camera, and what they think you should have (personally, I dislike any camera that doesn't have a through the lens (TTL) viewfinder, and wouldn't buy either of those two cameras).

Of the two (not having used either camera), I like the Canon better only in that the lens can be sealed off (which is a big deal in my backpack)...but then again the Pentax has a 5x optical zoom lens vs. the Canon's 3x. You have to decide which camera's features are more important to you.

Although I don't recommend them for advice, I'd check out the prices at "Camera Place & Electronics" at 338 Yonge Street (416) 591-9222. I bought my Olympus C-700 there on closeout, and I saved $200CDN over Henry's price at the time.
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Well Vistek were a) a pain to get to and b) looked more on the pro side and as a consumer i felt .. .well .. looked down upon because i was justbeginning at teh time and there was reluctance to explain anything to me. Noiw that i know more it may be better there.

I found Henry's the easiest because it's a big store and they are keen to help if a little ... as Mike said ... unaware of all the options on the market.

There is another store on queen street too .. downtown i think it's called.

Mike the pentax lens closes itself .... what do you mean by that?

is a TTL an EVF?? I personally hate my EVF and would love an optical one.
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Old Jun 7, 2003, 12:57 AM   #5
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I'd go with the canon, excellent photo quality, suberb feature set, cf2 cards, af illum., the canon's got it all.
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I'd recommend the Canon POwershot S50
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