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Default Good inexpensive camera fo 12 year old daughter?

I'm looking for a camera for my 12 year old daughter. she wants to take pictures of her friends when she goes to camp
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It really depends on how large she wants to print the pictures and how much you are willing to spend.
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she would not print anything larger than 4 x 6. She has no money and would be spending mine. That's why i said inexpensive. i have an Olympus c740 for myself
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It all depends on her apptitude for photography. At that age I had my first SLR, and before that I used a camera where I had to calculate shutter speed and f-stop in my head because the camera had no light meter, focusing aids, etc.

But if you're talking camp you'll probably want to get a weather resistant camera, and for that I'd recommend the Olympus *Stylus* cameras as they are "all weather".

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Default Canon Powershot

I bought my daughter the A40 ( $249 at Walmart ). Decent 2 megapixel camera using AA batteries and CF media.

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The May issue of Computer Shopper rated the Canon PowerShot A40 highest of the digital cameras selling for $100 - $250, a 2 Mp camera with a 35-105 mm lens. It uses Compact Flash. Dvorak in PC Magazine in one of the most recent issues made a list of features to look for in a digital camera, including compact flash and AA rechargeable batteries. The cost of batteries, and the problem of not having an extra when needed, can be significant. My 14-year old also wants a digital camera for her birthday, but I'm letting her help make the decision. I'm paying part, and shes earning the rest. Suddenly, she's not spending her money on junk food and vapid entertainment, but is working at babysitting jobs and extra chores around the home, saving her money for the camera, so she can get the best one possible. Other cameras in this class which were well rated were the Fuji FinePix 2650 ($170), Nikon Coolpix 200, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-U10, and DSC-U20. For just a bit more, you may wish to consider the CAnon Powershot S200 Elph ($260) or the Fuji FinePix A303 with 3.2 Mp.
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Try this link to the Olympus Reconditioned site. This camera should suffice for a good starter camera:

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I like the D-510 refurb that gibsonpd suggested as well. It uses AA batteries, has a clamshell cover like the Stylus cameras, and uses very inexpensive SmartMedia cards. It's easy to use and the price appears to be in the range I suspect you are looking for. For $20 you can get two extra sets of batteries and charger at a Sam's warehouse, and I just ordered a 128MB SmartMedia card for $26 and a card reader for $9. This still keeps you around the $200 mark for everything you need.
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I also bought my daughter a Canon A40 last Christmas. She was 9 at the time and only uses the auto mode. I also bought her some Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries that I keep charged for her. I gave her my 256 MB flash card and bought a 512 MB for my Nikon. She seems to like the camera and it takes good 4x6 pictures.

Nikon 5700
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Oh Lord, I wouldn't send a $200 camera off to camp. It's not only your daughter who will be using it.

All of this would appear to point toward taking a laptop, as well. Where is she going to store the images?

Will she have access to a computer where she can offload the photos and e-mail them to herself or to you for storage?

Yes, Smartmedia is cheap but how long is camp, how many photos, etc. etc.

**She can use any disposable camera and have the images transferred to a CD when she gets back.

If she absolutely, positively has to go digital, then I would check out e-Bay for one of I/O Magic's "MagicImage 500" cameras. I just saw one listed with no bids at $20.


Yeah, it says $99.99 but I bought mine at a local computer store for my kids for $39.99 and paid another $15 for a 32MB Smartmedia card (the max. memory it takes...4MB card comes with the camera.

-Pocket-sized (3.15 x 3.3 x 1.26 in. )
-1280X960 on HiRes
-Point and shoot
-built-in flash
-AA batteries
-Automatically turns itself off when not in use to save batteries (you need that feature...)
-800k pixels
-30 standard 1024X768 per 4MB
-some distortion in the lens (hey, it's CHEAP!)
-genuine "leatherette" carry case!!!

Battery Park area of NYC, just south of World Trade Center site on 9/11/2002 ~~ Is this quality good enough?

The pictures they actually take...

I sometimes let my 12-year-old daughter shoot with my D770 and she enjoys photography. But she ain't takin' it to camp or even to school with her friends!

photo enthusiast and parent of a 12-year old girl
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