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Don't know what technology Panasonic uses, but the Olympus and Canon IS cameras both use Canon's technology:
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Thanks, Mike!

That stabilization technology looks amazing. It will make photography soooo much easier. I can't wait to upgrade my camera now (and I only just bought my last one!).
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Default Re: Do I want a better camera?

Originally Posted by mmppines
Currently use a point and shoot Canon s230, 3.2 MP. ... does good 8x10" ...
Question 2: If I buy a "better Camera", should I spend the $$ to by a better printer, esp. one that will print larger prints, such as A3 or 14 X 17?

Question3: What MP should I look for?
If all else is equal, the size of the print goes up by the square root of the pixel ratio. So to get a 14x17" you will need to increase the pixel count by 3.0625 times (1.75x1.75)- to ~nine MPixels.

But things never are equal, and there is much more to image quality than pixel count. Limited dyamic range and the sharp break in the response curve at the high (white) end are the issues that I like least about digicams. I expect that both of those issues will be addressed in reasonably price cameras sometime.

So watch for much more than pixel count in a camera upgrade.
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