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Want to control the aspect ratio of your photos when printing download Photo Paper Saver at http://www.fpdoctor.com/index.jsp. When preparing to print you are given the opportunity to adjust each print.

Also check out Paint Shop Pro 8 for Aspect Ratio Cropping for specific print sizes. Don’t forget to save your originals and “save as” your cropped copies.
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I notice that aspect ratio is something people never pay attention to when getting a digital camera. If you intend to print mostly 6x4 pictures then we should get a camera that produces the same aspect ratio (1.5:1), so you don't have to worry ever about cropping. Only with the ocassional 5x7 or 8x10 cropping would be an issue.

When I got my camera I didn't pay attention to aspect ratio either. Heck! Didn't even know there were different aspect ratios in the digicam world. Fortunately, the camera I picked (a Kodak) happens to generate pictures with 1.5:1 aspect ratio, same as the size I intend to print the most.
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Aspect ratio is much like dpi: it only matters when/if you print. I also print a fair number of 4x6", but probably print more 4x10" since Wal*Mart does those for $0.50US. The "best" aspect ratio is the golden ratio (11+sqrt(5))/2) for display. A 1:1 aspect ratio makes the best use of the lens (a circle would be better yet, but that makes cutting sensors/film difficult).
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