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Default Higher res with more compression or...

So for general pic taking (Canon A70) is it better to shoot at highest resolution with more compression or at lower res with les compression?

these two modes produce a similiar files size. obviously highest res with no compression is best but i am just trying to see where to make the trade off in order to maximize number of pics that can be taken.
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Memory is cheap nowaday! Either way you'll have a problem if you happen to like a picture and want to make a large enlargement later...

If you don't plan on enlarging ever then it doesn't really matter does it? The lower resolution is better then since most folks don't have to resize the pictures to their screen 8)
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I would suggest always using the highest resolution option available regardless of the compression setting. My rationale is that the camera has but one CCD imager and it has a fixed number of resolution elements--pixels--which, presumably equals the maximum resolution option selectable. If you apply compression to a maximum resolution image, some of the adjacent pixels (with no, or little contrast or color difference) will be algorithmically combined into a lesser number of file elements and will lose information in the process, other groups of adjacent pixels with higher contrast or color differences will be combined into fewer file elements. In other words, the amount of information loss from the original image depends on what's in the image (the spatial frequency).

If you select a capture resolution which is less than the number of elements in the camera's CCD imager, the camera processor combines or drops a fixed pattern of pixels from the image when storing image elements to the file without regard to the make up of the photographic scene. Thus no matter what the composition of the scene, you will lose (potentially vital) image information.
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Always shoot at the largest size and least compression available... RAW is better. Buy a couple of big compact flash card and don't worry about file size. Canon RAW (if your camera has the capability) takes about 50% more space and requires an extra processing step, but will save a lot of pictures. I especially like the ability to modify white balance outside the camera.
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