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Default VHS camcoder to DV camcoder to PC

I have a Panasonic M3000 VHS camcoder. I intend to hook it up to my Canon MV500i DV camcoder and from here, to my PC via firewire, to capture the VHS video.

VHS Camcoder ---> DV digital Camcoder ----> PC (via firewire)

Will this work? If so, how do I do it? and what about the quality of the captured video from the VHS?

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We're mainly still digicams here, and generally have a passion for getting the best results and quality from still cam products!

What you want to do sounds pretty horrendous. Just because your concatenation process has digital in the way, doesn't mean it'll come out better - I guarantee it will be worse! Stick with analogue, pre-process and clean it up as much as possible until you need to digitally convert, compress and display using the same type decoder.

The timebase stability of vhs is pretty bad, it's also interlaced scan, then all that noise and limited colour bandwidth. Why mess around with all the DV camcorder stuff? why not just feed your timebase corrected vhs into a composite input video card? That might be ok for quarter screen. Hope you have a very fast PC with hardware encoding (That's more important than interface speeds) and BIG hard drive.

As I said, just 'cos its digital and runs component on firewire doesn't change the result caused by the source quaility, but actually worsens it. Pal/NTSC Cr*p in = more digital Cr*p out!
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