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Default Slide Scan help with my Nikon LS-2000

I have been trying to get my hands wrapped around 20 years worth of slides. I purchased the LS-2000 a few years ago, when it was top of the line, but never really used it. Now we have the digicam, and blasting full force into the digital world.
Naturally, I want to scan the images in at the maximum resolution possible, so I can then print a larger image on my printer (10x12 and larger!).
I have been , what I refer to as, Rapid scanning - getting the slide scanned in for reference sake, and then re-scan at a higher resolution as required. This should speed things up as not all scans will be reproduced on paper!
In the 3.1 version of Nikon Scan, the tools palette has the following options, and I am confused when I get to these....
Keep this crop
Keep this output size
Keep this file size
you select one of these three options.
Then, there is a scale option and a resolution setting that you can type in a value.

My question is what do I want to set these setting to get the optimum scan for my images? right now, my rapid-scans are too small.

comments?? suggestions???
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Just set resolution at 2700.
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Default LS-2000 settings

By gosh, I think I have it, Ollie!!!
The ls-2000 now has 3 settings for scanning that are going to work for me.
I have set the tool palette with the following settings, and then listed the results I see in Photoshop7:

Crop/"Keep this crop" .96W x 1.44H inches
Scale - 100%
Resolution - 2700
Results in a file size of 57.8 MB, but PS7 will create an image that is 8x12 @a printing resolution of 300.

the next setting has a resolution of 1,350(1/2 the size of the full scan above), and kept scale at 100%. This will give me a file size of 14.4, and the 4x6 image has a printing dpi of 300.

The final setting is for the preliminary scan where the file size is small. The resolution is 900 ppi, the scale is 100% and the file size is 6.42 MB. This will give me an image that I can print at 3x4 @ 300.

I am off and running with this as of today. I feel that this will give me the ability to quickly scan in prints, see what I have, and then go back and rescan in the better shots to print the larger images.

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