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I was about to ask you what bag you crammed all that into, but you included that at the bottom. Very nice bag... now it makes sense. How do you find that bag for weight? I know others that use the over-the-sholder bad and it doesn't take long before they develop a hunch, or at least a serious lean.

I realize I forgot to include that I have my camera (mostly around my neck) and my 100-400L & TC... some times the 28-135 as well.

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Originally Posted by marokero
Let's see...

-Lactaid pills (for eating wedding cakes :lol
Hey, talk about a pro fotografer here :P
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Yeah, all that equipment weigh down on my shoulders (I switch back and forth so I don't develop a serious lean :lol. I don't carry it all the time, during weddings it stays put in a safe location while the D100 and F5 get a work out But I did carry nearly 11Kg of equipment in that bag once, including a laptop, while photographing in Yellowstone in 2001.
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If traveling light:
2 extra sets of NiMh AA's, wide angle lens, extra memory card(s), remote, A/V cable, polarizing filter, lens blower brush and lens cleaning brush. All fits nicely in a Worldproof 3.02 bag.

If not:
The above plus charger, card reader, flash, flash bracket and cord, blank CD's, an additional 2 sets of batteries and a second charger. I currently use my old soft-sided SLR bag.
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Hi just got back from a week long trip to Britain. Different day, different city. Got a few great pix & lots of good ones too.

I carried my Nikon CP5700 in its Nikon leather bag at all times(sorry it does ot have a name or model#. In it is the camera obviously,spare rechargable batteries, spare SanDisk Ultra 512mb & lense tissues.

In my carry on bag was a battery charger, 2 adaptor plugs( you never know which you will need), 2 extra CFcards 32mb & the camera manual. Next time I'll take the tv cable too, wasn't sure if it would work on Brit TVs.

One of the reasons I got the CP5700 was convienence & it worked much better than I'd expected. Don't use flash much, if I did I'd have taken another back up rechargable battery as it's the flash that hogs the power. Also a lot of the time when I wasn't sure when I'd be able to recharge I turned off the monitor, that saved battery too.

I think you have to work out why you carry a camera. My old Nikon F2 which I love had me carrying a large LowePro with various lenses, flash, batteries, film & filters. A spare CF card holds many times the pix of an old roll of film & no worries at airport security.

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I have with me all the times.

1 HP850
2 Raynox DCR1540 1.54x tele lens
3 Raynox DCR250 macro lens
4 XsDrive 2060
5 8 spare NiMh batteries
6 Sony DV camera for the movies
7 Cleaning stuff

I use a rather large/small (how you look at it) camera case which is rather full at the moment.

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