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Default What do you have in your case?

I'm looking for a case/bad for my new Kodak, I'm unsure yet as to what size I'll need, what I will most likely carry along with my camera and what the bag should be made from. So I was wondering if I could see what other people typically carry around with them.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Spare battery, spare memory card, blower brush, lens cleaning cloth and remote shuuter release.

Although typicaly when I'm in the field I tend to keep the remote shutter release in one trouser pocket and the rest of the kit in a small plastic bag in the other.

In any case I try to keep the spare battery (even with its terminal cover) wel away from any other metal.
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Bug repellent
Sun block
Kitchen trash bag (keep things dry in a pinch)
Granola bars (when a 1/2 hour's shooting turns into 3 hours...)
Water bottle (although that is usually around my sore neck.)
Paper and a pen.
The manual for my camera (still get confused on some icons.)

What will be added in the future:
Spare CF card (when I buy one.)
Portable hard disk for images (if I get one.)
Flash (if, but more probably when, I buy one.)
Spare Batteries for the flash (if I get one.)
Spare battery for camera (when I get one... soon.)
MicroFiber towel for cleaning.
Blower brush for cleaning.
Spare cap for the camera and lens mount.
Remote Shutter release.

I don't go places I have to worry about bears or moose, or I'd carry pepper spray and bells.

I would look into LowePro bags. They are very well made and they put serious effort into making their bags easy to cary and distribute weight well (although that is partially in your realm in how you load it up.) I've wondered about KenesisGear, but I've never seen their stuff. Their web page sure says all the right stuff, though.

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hahahahahah you made me laugh eric...

Here is mine...I love it:
I have a square bag with two side pockets on the outside, one is for spare batteries and one for lens tissue.
On the inside there is a longer pocket; in that there is the manuel (I also get confused....hehehe) and a little pocket digital photography book that a friend gave me as a present. Great for quick referencing when I am out.

The main compartment is divided into two sections; one for lenses that are seperate in small pouches....(not so ideal as they take so much effort to get out) and the other compartment is for the camera which I can snap out in a jiffy....hehe

The whole case is padded which is great because it protects against knocks which inevitably happen when you are carrying around your camera.

The best thing about my bag is that everything has its own compartment which is really easy to access without having to rummage around.

I looked around in all the photoshops for a case and believe it or not I found this one in a hardware store...hehe and it was quite cheap.
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My big case holds all of my kit for when I am away for longer than a couple of days:

* Cameras
* Spare Batteries
* Laser pointer
* Blank CD's
* Filters
* Memory cards + Reader/Writer
* Zip Drive + disks
* Camera's r/c
* Lens cleaning cloths/brushes/fluid
* Tripod
* Monopod
* Binoculars
* Various connection cables
* Notepad & Pen
* Battery Charger

I also have a small case for each camera though which holds just:

* Camera
* One spare set of batteries
* Lens wipes
* Memory cards
* Camera's r/c.

The big case has mainly ended up as somewhere to store everything when at home, it's just not practical when out and about. All the cases have plenty of silica gel in them too, which is important imo.

What I did when choosing my little cases was just take my camera down to a local camera shop and try it in a load of cases until I found the smallest one possible that would carry the few essential items that I have listed above.
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I have a large Domke over-the-shoulder bag to store reflector, tripod, battery recharger, etc. I usually leave this in the car and carry my camera, spare batteries, extra cards, wide angle and polarizing filter in a Domke Giraffe front pack, which is really a great bag under any circumstance, from hiking to street shooting. Everything is at stomach level, hands-free and I can also wear a day back pack when I'm outside in Colorado. AND - the Giraffe fits inside the larger Domke bag, so I always have my stuff with me no matter where I travel. I also recently used the Domke Giraffe bag to transport my gear on a plane trip to FLA - it fit in my carry-on bag. Can't say enough good things about the Domke Giraffe front pack, a really well designed item. I hope this helps.
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One thing I got (only for those times where I'm shooting over people's heads, say at a parade) is a pocket television so I can see what the camera sees while I'm holding it over my head.
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I dont actually have a camera bag yet. Looking for one currently

What I carry with me:

- Camera
- Spare Batteries
- 128MB, 32MB, 16MB CF cards

Now those all fit into my cargo shorts so thats good.

Oh and when I go on long hikes 3hrs+ I will bring water with me. I will starting bringing my pack and the other things I need when hiking.

Though what I want is a camera bag/pouch big enough for the telephoto lens, and whatever else I might by for my digicam in the future.

So I might as well just use my backpack for it all. I need a small light-weight tripod soon too
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Let's see...

-Lactaid pills (for eating wedding cakes :lol
-pen & paper
-canned air for quick dust blow off of surfaces
-upsidedown canned air for instant cooling of photographer
-lens cleaning tissue and brush
-spare battery for D100
-spare alkaline AA's for F5
-room for ten rolls of Kodak Portra 400NC
-spare compactflash for D100
-8 NiMH AA's and two chargers
-D100 and F5
-80-200mm f2.8
-28-70mm f2.8
-one neutral density filter w/ case
-SB-80DX flash
-54MZ-3 flash
-hotshoe extension cord for flash
-flash bracket
-10-in-1 screwdriver
-Leatherman Wave
-white card for custom WB
-extension cord with surge protection, 4 outlets
-miscelaneous papers (direction maps, insurance stuff, etc)

And it all fits neatly in my Lowepro Stealth Reporter 650 AW
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