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Default Flash charging up sloow

Hi all.

I'm just about to get my first digital camera and I have an issue. My father in law has got an Olympus C-220 and I have used that camera quite a lot. The thing is that when I use recharcheble batterias (1.2V, I cant find any rechargeble 1.5V) it takes "forever" to recharge the flash. Somtimes up to 10 seconds. I have turned off the LCD screen, but to problem still remains.
Does anyone have the same problem, or better, does not have the problem. What I'm looking at now is a Cannon A-60 or A-70 if i can convice my girlfriend of the extra money. By the way, is it worth the extra money getting an A-70. I will use it to soot pics of our kids, and sending the pics to get normal sized photos tu put in an album.

Lots of questions it became in the end.

Henrik Granlund
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Rechargeables are only ~1.2v...you won't find a 1.5v (either NiCd or NiMH). As this camera only uses 2AAs instead of 4AAs, it will take longer for the flash to charge...even my Oly which uses 4AAs takes about 6-7 secs. The next thing is how old the batteries are (how many times they've been recharged)...if they are a few years old, probably time for a new set.

Also the type of batteries make a difference, NiMHs now come in 2000mAH and higer capacities.

My regular flash also takes a long time (unless using high current batteries).

I guess like other things in digital you think ahead...if I'm going to take a picture in a minute I'd have the camera powered on and the flash engaged (if needed) ahead of time.
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I had the D-520 which is the same thing and I had the same problem. I sold it on the internet and bought me a D-550. This camera is much much better, I love it and it uses 4 batteries instead of 2. I tried every battery possible with the D-520 and nothing worked. Dont bother sending it in to Olympus either because they wont do anything to it. I dont know about the A60 or A70, but the Canon S320 is a nice little package. My brother in law has got one of these and it acually works really well.
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the flash takes a long time to recycle because it has to share the juice from the camera's own battery; an external flash with its own battery recycles much faster.
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