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Default Olympus?

Has anyone experience with the Olympus C 750 or C740? I am particulary interested in these for the x 10 optical lens.

Is there anything else comparable in the same price range?
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I would suggest asking in the Olympus forum here, but I can't remember if anyone has the C-740/750.

However, there are a few 740/750 users in the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group who have said good things about them. The link to the group is:

The only thing comparible is the Panasonic DMC-FZ1 with image stabilization, but it's only 2mp and doesn't have manual controls.
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It depends on what you call comparable... you can still get a refurbished C2100 on eBay for an excellent price, but it's only 2MP.
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I agree with lg. Most folks pay too much attention to megapixels and not enough to lens quality. My Canon Powershot Pro90 uses the same great lens as the Uzi and shoots at 2.6 MP. I have printed many beautiful 13 X 19 pictures from this camera. Matted and placed behind glass in 16 X 20 inch frames, they look great.

If you add an Olympus TCON-17 telephoto adapter, you have a stabilized 620+ mm lens.

Take a look at these shots:

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