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Hello there I am trying to find a camera that is comparable to the Kodak DX3600 why you ask? OK here is my criterion small(needs to fit in pocket) at least 2mgpix (DX 3600 is 2.2mgpix) uses AA batteries I will compromise on this one even if it needs 4 AA OK (DX 3600 just 2 AA) I prefer CF but others will do (DX 3600 is CF1) built in memory is very nice (DX 3600 has 8 meg) an optical zoom of at least 2x (DX 3600 has 2x optical +3x digital) easy to use (DX 3600 is very easy) and a video mode w/sound at 20 fps maybe 15 is ok but with 320x240 at 20fps and here is what I havenít found anywhere else it will do the video w/sound at 320x240 20 fps until you fill up your memory card in my case I have a 256mbCF and it will do 20 minutes of near perfect video not 10 sec. or 1 min max like all the rest I have seen the best part it was less them $200

Now I have looked for something like this but have not found it

In short I am in love with my Kodak DX3600 (they stopped making them why??)

Thank you
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