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Default Watch out for ROYALCAMANDVIDEO !!

I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here but I had a VERY unpleasent experience today with these guys.

The have the 10D for a remarkable low price of arround $ 1200,00 US, so we mailed them if the delivered to the Netherlands. No problem only $ 119,00.

So I wanted to order, this was possible but not with my trusty MC credit card :?, no problem we will wire the money but first we wanted an proforma.

This was the time we got a mail to call them to speed things up, because I can't wait for the 10D my wife called (I was on the road), after a few tries she got a hold of the company. The guy told her we had to buy a lens with it, a Sigma, when my wife told him we allready had lenses, they answered that they don't sell without the lenses and hang-up not leaving any time for a question of my wife if perhaps memorycards, polarizers or something else would be possible.

If you don't want to sell so cheap, don't advertise.

Ok I should have known better I now ordered my D10 via our wholesale channel, it's more expensive but at least it's here in 2 days .

Thought to warn you.

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Not unusual, actually quite common...called "Bait and Stuff"...check out this article on the practice:

Royal Command isn't listed on the Reseller Ratings website (you may want to add them yourself to warn others), but if they are any relation to Royal Camera, I don't doubt your experience.

You should always check first at http://www.resellerratings.com
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Rule of thumb, if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. I refuse to shop anywhere online that doesn't have good resseller ratings (or good ratings from similar sites) or anywhere that I cant use my credit card (in order to dispute the charges is they try to rip me off). There are thousands of places like Royal Command out there that advertise low and then scalp you on accessories or send a gray market, broken, or a totally different camera than the one you ordered. So always BE WARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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