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Default I thought I had infinit(y) wisdom?

I tried the 'panorama' drive today on my Casio QV-5700 on landscapes for the first time, and hit an unexpected problem. I wanted to use the 'infinity' focus position, or near to it (hyperfocal distance), just as I would have done with my analogue camera. The manual says...

"The Infinity Mode sets the focus near infinity. It is a good choice for scenery and other far-off subjects. Focus adjustment starts automatically whenever you press the shutter release button about half way down."

I took several panorama sequences. The only really good ones were (ho, ho) the fully automatic 'Best Shot - scenery mode' ones which overrode all my efforts, adding sharpening, saturation, and blue enhancement for good measure.

Most of the shots had well-focused foliage in the foreground, and an out-of-focus village beyond. On looking at the camera data with 'exifer', (http://www.exifer.friedemann.info/), I found that the focusing mode was, as intended "infinity" but the 'subject distance' was, allegedly, 2.5m, 5m,10m, or 20m. I had failed to realise that even on 'infinity' mode, anything but a green light for a successful focus would result in any old focus setting, and I'd just ignored the red warning light, assuming I'd be focused near infinity.

Now when shooting panoramas, there's only one way to point the camera for the next shot, and if the autofocus doesn't succeed, you're b*****ed. I therefore conclude that the way to get infinity or near infinity focusing isn't to use 'infinity'; it's to autofocus on a suitable object, and then switch to manual. In which case, what's the use of 'infinity' if it lets your camera focus on 2.5m?

I'd welcome any comments, please.
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Just a side note. The infinity marking on a lens is more than infinity, this is designed into lenses to compensate for manufacturing variance, and temperature expansion (as well as other accessories that one can insert into the light path).

... So one can focus well pass infinity! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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