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Default Warranties and Foreign Travel!!...

After reading everyone else’s posts on the subject I can’t decide if I am more or less confused on the whole warranty debate! So hopefully someone can clarify this for me!?

I am from Australia, currently in Europe for 6 months and I have decided to buy a Minolta DiMage 7i. I am thinking that buying it from the US is the cheapest option. That’s the easy part, (choosing what camera to buy wasn’t at all an easy decision either!)

I intend to use my camera in many different countries but mainly in Australia, if I buy a new camera can I buy any extra type of warranty that will allow me to get the camera repaired anywhere in the world? I understand that if I buy a camera from a US store then I would have to send the camera back to the US to get repairs (correct me if I am off the track there!)

I have heard that some retailers will advertise an “international warranty” how do you know if it a ‘real’ one and not a grey market camera that has essentially no warranty (??)
Does anyone know that if I buy a camera on Ebay that isn’t new but still has US Warranty, that the warranty can be transferred to me and also can I buy extended and/or international warranty (assuming that this is available at all) once it has been used?

If anyone has advice/clarification that would be great as this is really confusing and I just want to get my camera so I can start taking photos (simple dream I know!)
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First, beware that many times that you've seen a store with a very low price you could be conned into a bait-and-stuff con, they lure you in with a very low price, and then get you to buy overpriced accessories at the same time...if you don't, the camera is suddenly "out of stock."

Check http://www.resellerratings.com

Also read, http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article...,107855,00.asp

As for warranties, most of the cameras with worldwide warranties AREN'T with the manufacturer, only the reseller...and many times these warranties offer much less than the manufacturer's warranty (they say they offer you repairs on everything, but when you make a claim they say you aren't covered for that even though they originally told you).

Although you may get a better price in other countries, it can cost you in the end.

And yes, it's true that factory warranties are available only in the country you bought the camera in, because it's only the local division getting the profit from the purchase. XYZ France doesn't see a penny of your purchase from XYZ US, so they have no reason to support you.

Also make sure that when you finally get your camera (wherever you get it) that you get the proper identification done by local customs so you don't have to pay duties wherever you go, and keep it with your passport. My only experience is with Canadian Customs, especially with dealing with having equipment fixed in the US since we have to send a lot of stuff over the border.
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