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Default Storing Photos on a CD

Right now I have my digital images on my computer and “cheap CDs”… I want to archive my photos on a GOOD QUALTY PHOTO CD. Does anyone here have a preference brand photo CD they use?


Phil :shock:
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I have read that expensive CDs are no better than cheap ones and vice versa ??????? :? :?

Personally I've always used cheap ones and have never had any problems but I'm sure you'll get differing stories.
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There are probably only two pieces of consistent advice I've seen with regard to CD burning.

Firstly, that some CDs work better in your particular burner than others - if you find one brand that works reliably and consistently well for you, stick with it. I suspect that now they are being manufactured in such large quantities and are so competitive that even cheap brands are probably very good now. A few years ago, they were expensive and hard to come by, so perhaps not as consistent as they are now. I rarely use expensive ones, but important files are backed up several times anyway, both on hard drives and CDs.

Secondly, not to write on the disc with anything other than a proper water based CD writing pen, solvent based ones can eat through the coating and into the data insidiously and gently over a prolongued period of time, rendering the files corrupted if you return to them after some time. Labels are said to be problematic as well for the same reason. I only use labels on short-lived CDs, not archives.
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Here are some more tips: When burning, burn SLOW. I use Archive grade blanks made by KODAK, They are Kodak Ultima Silver/Gold. Can't remember the exact life, but I think it's at least 25yrs and could be as much as 75. Do some Googling.

The cheaper brands are Phthalocyanine. You may have less problems with compatibility burning them ( This is only a first time write problem, if you see it at all) because this coating whilst claimed to only be good for 5-10 years, has more tolerance in a wider range of burners. The Archive grade Gold or Gold/Silver needs much tighter control of the burn power, which shouldn't be a prob. with burners made in the last 3 years, with latest firmware.

Never risk multi-session or packet mode burning. Collect your photos together and burn 'disc at once' and close the session. That way you are more liable to produce discs that can be read in other and older players. You should try this from time to time anyway.

This is all a bit academic because the CD format and PC operating systems may not be around in 20 years time! If you are burning a lot of CD's, always hang on to your original CD burner when upgrading your pc, or check your discs can be read - just in case! Keep your eyes open to the trend in storage. Tomorrow you may well be wanting to transfer CD to DvD, so make sure you can always read your Archive discs and write to new.

If you want a shock, take a writeable CD full of data and leave it on the back shelf of a car, track side upermost, in bright sunshine for a couple of hours - then try reading it! Ever wondered why sometimes on a spindle of cheap CD's the first couple can produce write errors? The one's at the top of the stack get most exposure to UV!

Here are some links I saved when I did my own research. After reading some of this and with some skill, you can tell the type of coating by the reflected colour on the track side.


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Try Verbatim CD-R
We use those for everything we need a blank CD for.
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Originally Posted by SSD
Try Verbatim CD-R
We use those for everything we need a blank CD for.
yeah me too.

Another solution ... print!!
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I always make two copies and keep one far away from light, dust and my friends. It's more safe.
Once I had a problem with a photo collection CD and don't want to let that happen again.

Best regards
Pedro Rodrigues
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