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Default General Photoshop & Dig. Cam question

Hello all.....
Quick question.
A dig. camera has optical and digital zoom....what is the easiest way to utilize the dig. zoom using Photoshop? Do you just crop and enlarge?? Any tips/tricks?
Thanks for any insight!!
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I'm not really sure as to what your question is. I assume that you have an image and do not want the "whole image" and want to "crop-out" a section of it?

There is a huge difference between optical zoom and digital zoom. An optical zoom maintains the best image quality. A digital zoom is "inerprolating" what is processed through the optical zoom. Most pros consider a digital zoom to not be of significant value; although, it does have some benefits.

Once you have an image stored, you are limited to the quaity and resolution of that image. Thats why having large 5 or 6 megapixels images are desired. It allows one to crop out a section of the photo without loosing quality for many photos. This should be less than half of the photo for most images. If, however, your original image is two megapixels you don't have many options.

PhotoShop can correct many flaws, but you using wouldn't consider using the software as a "zooming" tool. There are techniques to do this, but it takes a combination of many tools to do it.

Go to www.vtc.com Pay the $25 US for a month and learn all about PhotoShop. The first three chpters are FREE! The first three chapters are very basic, but you will get to learn if you like the lesson "style" so to speak. It is not a BOOK, it is captured video of them using the software and literally showing youhow to use the various tools. I highly recommend it! You have no idea how much you don't know until you do.
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