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Default Stupid question I cannot figure out on my own!

I would like to know how I could attach a picture to a posting for the forum. I don't want to go to pbase everytime I need help or critiques with a pic. I have seen many forum postings with the pic right below it. I am not the most computer literate person :?
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1) Go into New Topic and put in your subject.

2) With your cursor in the main text box click on the Img button with your mouse. That should give you a box [img].

3) You then put in the address of your image in the format http://www.pbase.com/image/123456789/original.jpg (ignore the colour and underline it's just the way that its shown in this posting). The number you use is the reference number that pbase has given the image (original.jpg puts the image on screen as it was originally put into pbase, e.g. 640 x 480, 800 x 600. You can also use medium.jpg or small.jpg. Now close this off by clicking on Img again to give you the [/img] box.

4) The preview option in this forum will let you see how it looks before you finally submit it.
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Well, first you need some website space, and the service has to allow hotlinking to pictures (some sites don't allow this because they don't want other sites to steal bandwidth).

Next, note the url of the image, and use the following tags:


The only thing is to use square [] brackets instead of the round () ones to make it work.

Also, you have to be kind to your fellow readers, keep the picture under 150K, and below 800x600 (you will get a lot of angry replies if you don't). That's the nice thing about Pbase though and why I prefer it...the viewer can choose the size they wish to view, if they wish to view the full size they can or a smaller size.
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If you want to post images here from pbase, then it will only work if you have a paid account with them.
You can also find the answer explained on how post pictures in forums at the pbase question and answer section.
Good luck with it!
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