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Default Apple iPod as a portable hard drive backup?

I'm leaving in a couple of weeks on a one-year backpacking sabbatical around the world, and I need a backup system for my compact flash cards (I’m a freelance photographer and just made the switch to digital photography. My equipment includes an Olympus C-5050Z and (6) 512 Mb compact flash cards, and I estimate it will take me one or two weeks to fill up that many compact flash cards during my travels). I'm going to very remote places (Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Namibia, etc), and I need a VERY lightweight backup system, preferably one that can be powered by disposable batteries (AA's) if necessary. I’ll burn CD’s when I get to major cities and have the opportunity—but I need to assume that I may go as long as a month without having access to AC power or a computer when I’m in the “outback.”

I've read a lot about the Digibin, X-drive, Nixvue, Delkin Picture Pad, Image Tank, Tripper, etc, but they all take proprietary rechargeable batteries, and are larger than I prefer.

However, I checked out the 30 GB apple iPod (http://www.apple.com/ipod/beyondmusic.html) and not only is it extremely small and lightweight (6 oz.), but you can also buy a AA battery adapter and USB connector cable for it. So, does anyone know if I would be able to plug my Olympus C5050 into the iPod via the USB connection and download my JPEG images to it? If anyone has any suggestions (or other ideas), I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.

(Another simple, but expensive option is for me to just buy another (6) 512 Mb compact flash cards, which should [I hope] last me long enough between cities where I have the opportunity to burn CDs.)
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I don't think a digital camera can interface with an iPod, I could be wrong though.

Another note about traveling;

I'm going for a 12 day trip via car and we will be staying a friends place who has high speed internet. Yay! Now, I know it's not across the world and its not a remote area by any means but, I have been wondering about the photos I take. I have 1 256MB CF (33 RAW or 120ish JPGs at max rez.) do I shoot at a lower rez to be able to take more photos, do I buy another CF? I have no money for the later so my solution is to get more web space from my Host. I doubled the space and now have about 600MB online plus the CF card which equals about 111 RAW images or 396 JPGs at 2560x1920 ...or a combo there of 8) 8) I can upload via FTP to my hearts content.

When I come back I just call the Host and tell them to revert back to my 300MB of space

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Default Re: Apple iPod as a portable hard drive backup?

Originally Posted by CliffinOregon
So, does anyone know if I would be able to plug my Olympus C5050 into the iPod via the USB connection and download my JPEG images to it?
No because both the iPod and camera are USB slave devices (peripherals) that need a master (computer) to tell them what to do in terms of file transfers...but having a card slot in the iPod would be a neat idea (Apple, I thought of it first). And no, you can't connect a card reader to the iPod either.
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of course not, that would be too easy. with regrets the iPod is pretty much eye/ear candy. they did add such useful features as the solitaire game and the alarm clock feature.

you mentioned that all the others have propriatary batteries. yes that is true but most of them have a great advantage over the apple product- THEY ARE USER REPLACABLE. all the things you mentioned against the others the ipod suffers from too but even more so. it is a sealed unit. no end user intervention allowed. for $199 you can get a nixvue digital album lite (with no HD and then choose your HD size(up to 60GB) making it user replacable. there is an optional 8 AA cell external power source. the usual Li ion BP. and. optional 12v power. and you can probably dig a international charger easy. the nixvue has on e great advantage. after copying it will the verify the transfer was proper and identical. that is important especially just before you hit the format card button. i would find that feature quite important as a freelancer.

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