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Default help with time and date display on Canon G2

I can't seem to figure out how to get thetime and date on my pictures with my Canon G2 can anyone help me out here?

Please and thxs
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The Canon G2 does NOT have a time/date stamping feature, sorry.

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To add what Steve already said, although you can't imprint directly on pictures, (on most cameras, can't say for sure about the Canon G2) the information is encoded IN the picutre in the form of Exif info. As long as the picture is unaltered, this information remains intact, and all you need is an Exif reader:

http://www.takenet.or.jp/~ryuuji/min...fread/english/ - Windows
http://homepage.mac.com/aozer/EV/ - Mac

As well as time and date there's also all the settings used in taking the picture, shutter speed, F-stop, ISO, etc.
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To add to what Mike_PEAT has stated. If you use a free application from Canon called Easy Photo Print, you do have to option to "imprint" the date on the picture you are going to print. On a G2 having the most updated firmware, you will get the best results because the newest firmware supports EXIF Print (EXIF 2.2), where as a G2 without the update contains EXIF 2.1. But EXIF 2.1 does contain most of the same EXIF data, but not all.
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Originally Posted by Mike_PEAT
all you need is an Exif reader:
To add to this, I recommend freeware 'exifer' www.exifer.friedemann.info.

It has a wonderful 'compare' facility where you highlight two thumbnails, and it'll display only the EXIF information that is *different* (or that is identical) in the two files. (I don't know if the others have this.)
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