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Default How do you correct bad color?


Just bought a Toshiba PDR 3330 over 3 weeks ago and after going through a couple of hundred shots, I find this camera's interpretation of color quite lacking for outdoor shots. It seems to add a purplish/magenta hue, even with white balance put on "cloudy". ( Exposure, sharpness, saturation and focusing at auto mode is quite satisfactory, no problems too for prolonged exposure indoors without using a flash.)

Am just curious about the ff:

1) Why?
a) Is it the ccd's filters?
b) Is it firmware? If it's firmware, is it hard coded to the chip or could I expect Toshiba to come up with a newer version and download it?

2) Is there a way to rectify this using photo-editing software? --
( Have tried changing the hue with the bundled ACDSee software without success fo far;
ie: There's no way I can make Steve's Toshiba pdr 3300 "brick house" sample picture into say Steve's Canon G3 "brick house" sample picture... you get what I mean

3) Or should I just change the camera? ( Have my eyes on the Canon G3 and the Oly C750 UZ, which one would you recommend?)

Thanks in advance.
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It sounds like a white balance problem. I'm not familiar with your camera... does it have a "Custom" white balance option? If it does, take a sample based on a white card. If this doesn't work for you, there may be a glitch with this particular camera.

Try the manufacturer link on this web site for more specfic help.
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