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Default Choosing a camera - action shot problems

Hi there. I am going to purchase a camera for myself. I have some reservations about cameras I have tried which makes it hard for me to choose a few to look at. I've use bot the Canon S230 and the Nikon coolpix 990 for taking pictures at work.

The canon is great in the respect that it is tiny. It's pretty easy to work and it's fast. The problem I have with it is that I wind up with a lot of blurry pictures. i've tried Auto and all of the different speeds. Nothing seems to help out a whole lot. It's not even action shots, but more that you have to remain perfectly still for any type of picture.

The Nikon takes great action shots and doesn't give me any blurry shots even with some pretty fast moving action. I don't have to worry about holding still at all. The problem is, that it's a tank and it's large.

I would like to purchase my own camera for general pictures. Take it on vacation, list stuff on ebay, everything basically. I'd like it small for the vacations, but I want some decent shots without having to hold perfectly still.

I like the way the Olympus C-50 and the Stylus 300 & 400 all look and the size seems to be pretty small. I would also like one that can take movies. I also like some of the smaller Nikons.

Any help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I know next to nothing about either camera. But I did a little research for you:

S320: 35-70mm f/2.8-4.0 zoom
990: 38-115mm F2.5-4 zoom

This didn't tell me what I expected. Interesting. The odds are that the problem you are having is camera shake. The camera is more sensitive when zoomed out more. But the camer which worked for you (990) has the longer zoom, and basically the same fstop range.

Normally when you have to remain perfectly still to get the shot is that you don't have enough light to get the shot and/or you're using a long zoom. too little light means too long a shutter speed. And longer zooms magnify the smaller shakes and make them worse. Neither of these have very long zooms, so its more to do with light I bet.

Watch your shutter speed when using the camera and use a flash if you can. That usually helps a lot, although you can't always use one.

As to your question aboutthe C50 or Stylus 300 & 400... unfortunately, I don't have experience with the smaller consumer grade cameras (I spent the buck and got the camera I wanted, forget the cost.) Others will have to help you there.

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For action shots you have to learn how shutter speed affects the picture...a slow shutter speed will be blurry, a fast one will be sharp and freeze the action. Auto modes (except maybe sports mode) just won't do it. You'll have to do some reading and learn about shutter priority mode.

This is not a limitation of digital cameras, film cameras also have this problem (feature). And computers aren't smart enough to know what to do.
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