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Default Please advise


I am buying a new digi cam - i want the facility to take good quality stills but also good quality video - wondered whether anybody might have some advice about which cameras might fit this criteria. I'm looking at Fugifix M603 at the moment - the write up seems good and my Brother has had some excellent results from this. (the 1 gig card certainly helps) I need the dual functionality as my wife is having our first child and i know switching between the 2 mediums will be a must.
:lol: Cheers look forward to your thoughts.
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I won't claim to be an expert but I know of no digital camera that excels at movies.Flipping that most digital camcorders don't excel at still images.
Your best bet for better quality would be to buy a digital camera and digital camcorder.
That said most new digital cameras shoot video clips usually quicktime I believe at a fairly decent quality.Things you may want to look for are.... length of video...some cameras only allow you to shoot 30 second clips which i'd say is useless.
Sound.....some cameras do not have sound in their movie mode.
Hope this was of some help.
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Indeed digital still cameras are no prime time video cameras.

However if you can live with less, because some video is always beter than none; Exactly what slickshooter wrote and add to that;
Some cameras support 30 frames p.s. for smooth movement (fuji S602)
Some cameras support vga sized movies (640x480 instead of most 320x240)
A camera with higher iso levels is better for indoor movies.

Note most cameras with sound, do not honor zooming while shooting.
However the Toshiba pdr M700 is as far as I know the only camera with external mic input and thus audio noise free zooming while shooting a movie.
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The fuji s602 is probably the best bet for a good digicam with a decent movie mode. But even this model won't offer camcorder quality. There has yet to be a consumer camera/camcorder that can take both good pictures and good video.
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Default Re: Please advise

Originally Posted by caspar
switching between the 2 mediums will be a must.
Separate still digicam and camcorder will give much better video quality and excellent still quality with much less hassle, and at a reasonable price. As the child grows up you'll want more than short video clips, you'll want movies with longish shots.

I bought my first Video 8 camcorder with the birth of our son 12 years ago, and I use it as a video diary of all my & our family's outings. My commentary adds a great deal, and we love watching the old tapes (all transcribed to VHS for quick & easy us in the VCR).

However, I still want good quality stills to send to relatives, stick in albums, hang on the walls, and infulge my artistic tendencies.

So I recommend you get two machines, and use both.
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If you get a warranty for the M603 and dont plan to take it to USA then I agree that the M606 has great flexibility.
I have been using mine for the last 8months - the video quality is a bit dark ( when videoing bands in bars) but can be adjusted with software & the sound is fine for display on both laptop and our high powered graphics/sound system PC .
the video clips can be wmv or avis. Both require plenty of processor power & disk space though otherwise the downloading process can overheat the camera!
Its very flexible and small enough to make it a good companion!

But for videos longer than 15 mins at a time - it overheats and seizes up till you let it cool down . The IGb microdrive gives more minutes but if no power socket is handy then you'sd need spare batteries too!
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