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Default File Size vs. Battery Use

Is there a relationship to the amount of battery useage and the file size used. Useing a Nikon 5700.
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If writing the image to the memory card consumes more energy than not, then the answer is yes because it takes the camera longer to write a big file than a small one.

I think the question is: Is it significant and although I suspect writing does consume more energy, I don't know how much more.
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The write times for high quality JPEG modes are unlikely to be much different as the file sizes probably only vary 1.5 to 2.5 Mb.

However, shooting uncompressed TIFF (9-18Mb plus) will use up more batt power. I don't know how the memory power requirement compares with the EVF/lcd - that is very power hungry. VOX
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I don't know about the CP 5700, but I've noticed that with some cameras (like my new Konica KD-510z), that it actually takes longer (cycle times) with smaller (less than 5 Megapixel) image sizes, than it does with full resolution photos.

This is because the camera (at least mine) must downsize the image internally. Since I'm dealing with Secure Digital flash memory (vs. a physical hard disk drive or microdrive ), I suspect that with my camera, it's using more battery power with the smaller image sizes -- since more processing time is needed.

Either way, I don't think that it really makes a signficant difference. The biggest power draw comes from the cameras LCD anyway.
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JimC.....yes I suppose the processing time could come into it. I haven't seen this on my camera though. It does movie mode - 640X480 @30fps but I've never thought about how much time/power is spent processing/buffering and writing to the card.

Microdrives do consume more on a peak current basis, but in actual use, because they are fast, the power overhead is hardly noticeable. But I guess it would be writing big TIFFS or continuous movie.

As we said, the LCD/EVF is way out in front anyway. Which is why I wished all decent cams could offer an optical finder as well as the electronic display which can be turned on or off.
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