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Normc, can you share some of your experiences while you were drawing people's faces at carnivals? I am curious as to their reactions when they saw your finished representation of them.
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Default an important point---

that didn't get mentioned is a picture is a frozen expression on a face, whereas looking in a mirror is real time, the face adjusts slightly. where a silly look may come and go looking in a mirror, if caught on film/card it is frozen immortally. a face with a certain expression can have a weird or different physical appearance, whereas in real time comes and goes fairly quickly and nobody really notices. my logic sometimes we see pictures we like of our selves and others other times we don't. of course lighting, and adjustments and all of that plays a role.
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I lost about 40lbs a couple years back, but the portait of me in the living room was taken before I lost the weight. I also was very pale, I had no tan.

So I took a self portrait. After I took the shot I replaced the background and removed all my zits. I also had a problem because my left ear was just slightly sticking out from behind my cheek. This made it look like I had a growth. I did a few other edits which are for you guys to notice, if you can .

BTW, until I took this photo I believed my eyes were blue-grey. I did an eyedropper on several spots on my Irisis to find out my eyes are green-grey! Iv'e always wanted green eyes, just never knew I had them!
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