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tjsnaps Oct 8, 2007 8:14 PM

Any one else have this problem?

I'm a long time 35mm shooter. My Nikon F has no viewfinder info at all and My FM displays shutter speed and aperture in good light only. I have become accustom to knowing where my settings are and changing them by simply counting clicks in my head. Only occasionally looking at the dials to confirm.

Now that I have gone digital with a Nikon D50 I find myself taking forever to change settings. I have to stop and think about where to look let alone how to change them. And I find the intermediate numbers a little confusing sometimes.

Maybe I'm just getting old. And I haven't used the camera as much as I would have liked to yet. But I thought I would get used to it quicker.

Has any one else experienced this transformation problem?

Any advice would be good. TJ

TCav Oct 8, 2007 8:20 PM

My SRT-202 has the aperture & shutter speed clearly displayed in the viewfinder.

I am still trying to get used to being able to change film speed in the middle of a roll, though.

VTphotog Oct 8, 2007 10:00 PM

I went from SRT- to D7hi, and the difference was startling as to how much info can be displayed in EVF. With the WYSIWYG display, once I got used to it, I found I almost didn't have to think about camera settings. It did take a while to get to that point, though. Now, I also have *ist D, which is quite different from either, and the process is taking longer. Also, when using the D7hi, now, it is not as intuitive as when I was uing it nearly exclusively.

Advice? Take pictures with it, set up shots with different settings, and have patience with yourself.


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