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Default Fuji F602 Blur?? Please advise

Hi all,

I bought myself a Fuji F602Z a couple of months ago, what a fantastic camera.

Problem is that in slightly low light, if the subject moves or the camera is not 100% still I will get blur. I realise that this will happen to all cameras, but I was wondering if there was an adjustment to ASA settings or the like. What I really do not want is to always have to use the flash.

Any suggestions would be great,

Kind regards

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I assume you ment S602Z. Anyway you should use the ISO400 setting for faster shutter speeds. The operation manual will tell you how to change the ISO-setting precisely.
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You should have your shutter speed 1/30th of a second or faster...the faster the shutter speed, the less chance for the blur. Increasing ISO helps, but higher numbers mean more chance for noise. If you're using aperture priority, open up the lens more...but it would be better to use shutter priority (if you're not using the automatic modes). Also reducing zoom is a help, the more zoomed in you are, the higher shutter speed you need to compensate for that.
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Hi Sean,

I was having similar problems with my S50 - thought I'd never be able to take a low light photo ! - I also dislike using the flash.

The easiest and most obvious solution for me was to try and use a tripod so I bought a miniture one (all alu - not one of the bendy legs ones). Tried it out last Monday inside an old (dark) flour mill.

WOW - I was amazed at the results - just had to balance the tripod on a nearby rail and set the self-timer to 2 secs. Result: pin sharp pics in low light.

I know this is only of use when the subject is stationary - but it allows naturally lit, low light shots.

Just another suggestion for you.

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