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Default Factory Spec: Hot/Stuck/Dead Pixels

The recent thread about the "bad" pixels on a new
EOS-10D got me to wondering. I've seen the discussion
about "how much of an issue", but it doesn't directly
get to these questions.

What do camera makers specify for pixel perfection?
Do they even make any statements?

If they don't, what do they consider "defective"
under warranty claims?

Just for the heck of it, I took a look at a dark
field and a white field for my current digicam.
The white field seems OK, but the DF has 9 spots
with varying problems (one blue spot I often
find myself photoshopping). I've no idea how many
are new vs. how many were there on delivery
three years ago.

There's also no easy way to know if these are
sensor problems or dust (they definitely aren't
CF memory problems).

This was an employee purchase (possibly a return),
used primarily for eBay auction photos, and has
paid for itself in that role, so I'm not too
displeased with the situation - the thing has
massive other frustrations - I'm just happy to get
images I can work with.

Obviously, as part of the next digi-upgrade, I'll
test the new camera extensively, but...

What merits a complaint?
What level/count of defects will actually get
honored under warranty?

Early LCD display makers had a semi-secret spec of
6-bad-pixels is "in spec",
and laptop buyers usually don't complain about those
(esp. near the edge). I suspect camera buyers are
not quite so generous about defective pels.
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Well -- it's my understanding that Olympus used a proprietary 2/3" 4 Megapixel CCD in their E-10, which was much more problematic than CCD's from other manufacturers.

But, there was a firmware upgrade for the E-10, that allows for remapping of bad pixels.

I once owned the Olympus C-2500L, which also used a proprietary Olympus CCD. It had a problem with noise/stuck pixels in lower light, but I didn't have any bad pixels in good light.

It's my understanding that Olympus switched to the Sony 2/3" CCD in the newer E-20, so it was not problematic like the E-10.

Fortunately, I've been lucky -- no bad pixels in the CCD on any digicam I've owned, and no bad pixels on the LCD of any digicam I've owned -- "knock on wood".

I just looked at the owners manual for my new Konica Revio KD-510z (a.k.a. Minolta DiMAGE G500), and it states the following about the LCD (implying that bad pixels in the LCD is normal):

About the LCD monitor

Due to the characteristics of liquid crystals, the brightness of the
LCD monitor may appear uneven with changes in temperature, etc.

The LCD monitor has been developed using high-precision
engineering and is superior in sharpness and picture quality. Due to
the nature of liquid crystals, however, there may be missing or
constantly lit pixels on the monitor. This is not a malfunction of the
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