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Default US version and International version ?????


Is there any quality difference between US and Int. versions of
Digital Cameras.
I'm living in Europe...... :lol: (?)
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Lack of warranty for one thing.

In the past there have been separate NTSC and PAL versions of cameras, but for the most part they are combining those standards.
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Default Re: US version and International version ?????

> ... difference between US and Int. versions of Digital Cameras.

Not much:
* seller (if US-based) is probably crooked
* no warranty (effectively)
* instructions may not be in English
* cam may power-up w/non-Eng dialogs
* video out may not be NTSC
* AC adaptor may not be 120v/60Hz with NEMA plug

Other than that, a really great deal.

Put otherwise, if you don't know exactly what you're
getting with a greymarket product, you're likely to get
experience rather than satisfaction.
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I recently purchased a Japanese Konica Revio KD-510z.

But, I purchased it knowing that Konica USA would not cover the product under warranty.

This camera is multilinqual (letting me set the language to English), and came with drivers and manuals on CD (in multiple languages).

I purchased it this way because it's not yet shipping in the U.S., and I didn't want to wait for it to "hit the U.S. shores" (I purchased it over a month ago --- and it's still not available here).

I was trying to find a 5 Megapixel "pocketable" camera, capable of taking great photos, yet still giving me a comfortable level of user control, along with sufficient flash range for use at parties and family gatherings.

I couldn't find anything that looked good enough on the shelves here yet (although I did try a Sony P10 first). So, I "bit the bullet", and purchased a model intended for the Japanese Market (where the camera was introduced first).

I've been very pleased with my purchase.

Note: thanks to the merger between Konica and Minolta, this camera is also being introduced as the Minolta DiMAGE G500. It should be hitting the stores soon (Ritz, Good Guys Electronics, Etronics, CDW and others are now taking orders for it on their web sites).

You can read my user opinion of the camera here:

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