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Default Instant, mobile and COVERT digital photography???


I want to be able to snap photos instantly, digitally and WITHOUT alerting people to it. I can't tell you how many scenes in life I have missed because I was either unable to grab my camera fast enough or when I was, I alerted people to my presence, which messed up the whole scene. funny situations, weird situations, unique moments, the list goes on and on.

the best I've come up with, is that I need a digital camera which can fit in my shirtpocket and has some sort of REMOTE shutter release capability. because I don't want to be taking it out, I want to be able to snap away without alerting the subjects to my photographing presence. yes, sounds a bit sinister, but this is the only way I can think of catching-those fleeting real-life moments everywhere around us.

I've looked at various tiny digital cameras, but none of them seem to offer any sort of remote shutter release capability. so with almost each one of them, I'd have to dive in and press the shutter release button right there on the camera to take the picture - this is no good.

then I've lookd at various slightly larger digital cameras WITH remote release capabilities. the problem is that almost all of them function via infrared remotes. I'd have to point the infrared remote TOWARDS my shirtpocket and then press a button to take the picture, plus I could never be sure, whether the the camera actually received the signal and took a picture or not - this is no good either.

what I seem to need is a tiny digital camera with a shutter release cable. this way I can be 100% sure I am taking pictures while I can have the remote hidden in my hand (not pointed towards my pocket, never knowing if it makes the connection, as with the wireless infrared remotes). the cable would be no problem either, it could go up my sleeve or some such.

the problme is - I can't find any such cameras? a tiny digicam with a remote shutter release cable capability? where are they? do you guys know of any? the only thing even remotely similar to this seems to be the Casio Exilim EX-M2, although I have yet to find out, whether I can actually take pictures using the remote with that one (and looks like the remote is only for controlling MP3 playback, not camera functins).

does anyone have any ideas?

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The Canon g3 and g5 come with a wireless remote.
You can get a wired remote for the nikon 5000 and 5400.
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