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I have a Canon A610 which is less than 2 years old. Th Optical Unit has decided to die and Canon have quoted me $302 to have it repaired.

We are going to Vietnam in 2 weeks time and of course will need a camera. Should I spend the money getting the Canon repaired or am I better off buying a new camera? If buying a new camera is the best option what should I look at around the $300 mark?
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Are you quite sure the repair department will turn it around in the time you have? It sounds to me as if a new camera would be your safest bet.

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I would say its definitely not worth getting repaired. Looking at Ebay, I don't see any 610's going for more than $125, in fact most are under $100. Consumer level p&s digicams are rarely worth repairing, even when only a few month old. I also doubt Canon could turn your camera around in the time required. Similiar, newer Canon models can be had for less money. I just got an A720is for under $200. Canon has several similiarly spec'd models at or below $300, any of which should suit you fine. Sticking with Canon would probably be a good idea, as you'll be familiar with the control layout...no sense struggling with a new camera on a trip.
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I would say get a new camera because I am not sure cannon could turn it around for you that fast. Also many of the new camras are less than $300 and I would too would stick with a Cannon camera since you are fimilar with them already and make sure it uses the came kind of card as the one you have now or make sure you get new cards for the trip.

Have fun traveling and takes lots of pictures

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