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Default Will the Gateway cameras make prices drop?

They may or may not be good cameras, but as the vendors market megapixels etc., do you think prices might drop soon? I'm thinking of getting a new camera :-). Btw, I'm currently hesitating between a konica kd-500z which I can pick up for $339, or a s414 for $275. I'd appreciate any user comments on these...!


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Default Mmmmmmmm........

I wish the prices drops...I think still they are expensive...

Before I bought my Nikon 4300 my heart was for Minolta S414.
But I'm living in Europe. Minolta S414 is more than 500 Euro it means allmost $ 550...

4 AA batteries is a very good option in Minolta S414.
4X optical zoom and the Lens quality is perfect.

Price less than $300.... my god...
Buy it my friend, don't think about it...just buy it....and be happy...

If you ask me why I bought the more expensive Nikon 4300 is another story it was my luck....
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First of all, the prices you are quoting are too low. It sounds like you're using one of the price search engines, and looking at the prices advertised by some of the NY based "scam artists".

A word of caution: be VERY careful about going with the lowest price you see in the price search engines. Often, these lower priced dealers are "scam artists", and will try to force you to buy accessories (like camera cases, spare memory cards, batteries, extended warranties, etc.), at inflated prices. This is because they are sometimes advertising the cameras at, or below their cost, and must find a way to "make up" the difference, so that they can profit on the sale. Watch out for inflated shipping prices too.

When you refuse to buy the add-ons, many of them simply won't ship you the camera -- claiming backorder status, etc.

Another "trick" these super low priced dealers employ, is to sell you a "gray market" camera. This is a camera that was not intended for sale in the U.S. Market. If you buy one of these cameras, you will not be able to get warranty service in the U.S. (the manfuacturers frown upon this practice).

I don't want to discourage you from finding a dealer with a discount, but do be careful. Read customer feedback about the company in the price search engines. Also, use tools like http://www.resellerratings.com to check and recheck the dealers reputation -- again reading through user feedback about the dealer you are thinking about buying from.

If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Unfortunately, these types of dealers are VERY COMMON, and usually have very nice looking web sites, etc.

Always check the dealer using reselleratings.com and bizrate.com

As for the two cameras, the KD-500z is the old model (it is being replaced by the Konica Revio KD-510z). The newer KD-510z is not yet selling in the U.S. under the Konica label, but Minolta has just released the same camera as the Minolta DiMAGE G500 in the U.S.

Konica and Minolta are merging, so they elected to market the new model under the Minolta label here in the U.S. first.

Ritz, Good Guys, and others now have this camera (Minolta DiMAGE G500) for $449 delivered.

The older model KD-500z uses a fixed ISO speed of 100, and did not offer much in the way of user control of image processing.

The newer Konica KD-510z (Minolta DiMAGE G500) represents a complete "overhaul", and now has user adjustable contrast, saturation color (seperate adjustments for red, green and blue channels), adjust ISO Speeds (auto, 50, 100, 200, 400), manual exposure (aperture/shutter speed), longer exposures (up to 15 seconds), noise reduction on exposures 1/2 second or longer and more.

You can read my "mini review" of the new model here:


As far as the old model (KD-500z), Steve has a review of this camera on this site. You'll also find a review of the Konica KD-500z at http://www.megapixel.net

If you don't care about the ability to manually adjust anything, it's a great little camera, and seems to be well liked. Personally, I wanted more features, so I bought the newer model instead.

As far as the Minolta DiMAGE S414, it has a very high quality 35 to 140mm equivalent lens, with virtually no distortion or purple fringing. This camera offers a wide range of image parameter adjustments, too.

It does not offer a focus assist lamp, so this is it's biggest drawback. The Konica also does not have a focus assist lamp, but I've found that it does great in lower light.

I have seen complaints from S414 users about the slow focus (and "hit or miss" focus) on some of the forums. In good light, this should not be a problem.

Buydig.com has the Minolta S414 for only $294.00 now. Note: I would not buy from any other dealer in this price range. Buydig.com is pretty weak on the customer service side (low overhead dealer), and they don't give you updates on ship times, etc., like some of the more expensive dealers.

However, customers I've talked to seem very pleased with them. Many other low priced dealers tend to be "scam artists" -- trying to sell you expensive add-on's, warranties, etc. at inflated prices (then refusing to ship when you don't buy them).

Here's the link:


Megapixel.net reviewed the Minolta DiMAGE S414 -- you'll find it in the reviews menu choice.

Steve Sanders reviewed it here:


Jeff Keller reviewed it here:


Dave Etchells reviewed it here:


There are always tradeoffs in a camera's design (physical size, lens range, light gathering capability of the lens, features, flash range, speed of operation, ability to take add-on lenses and accessories, user control of image processing, battery life, macro performance, and much more.

I'd look at multiple reviews on the cameras you are considering, taking note of the qualities you may find beneficial, in the conditions that you'll be using the camera in more often.
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P.S. -- I've got a bad habit of posting links to dealer pricing in my forum posts.

If you do decide to buy one of these cameras, heed my warnings about checking into a dealer's reputation (by reading customer feedback), but help support this site by using the links Steve provides in his reviews.

Here's the Konica Revio KD-500z review:


Here's the Minolta DiMAGE S414 review:


You'll see a price search feature on the main page of each review.

Steve doesn't bombard us with pop-up ads like some of the other sites. So, the least we can do is use the price search features on this site, so that he gets a small credit for your purchases.

You get the same prices either way, and it helps keep this site running.
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