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ac.smith wrote:
...tests were done onmy Z612, Kodak may have changed the behaviour on the Z712 but I think we'd have heard more about it by this time if that were true. ...
It doesn't surprise me at all that Kodak haven't told us any of this, because the documentation is poor on detail forall these cameras. The 612, 712, 812 series must have seen much conflict between technical and marketing departments. (But Kodak is no different from other manufacturers,so far as I can see.) I have no reference to this wonderful facility anywhere except in my own posts round here. I found about it by experiment (retired research scientist, still tinkering).

I think our two cameras must behave very differently in the EVF. Mine behaves very much as Greg describes his FZs. As you may remember, I was trying to buy a 612 when I acquired my 712, the first to arrive here, straight out of the shipping package on the floor of the shop. I do hope my 712is is a standard one. I have upgraded the firmware twice. I'll be very nervous about doing it again for fear of losing this priceless EVF facility.

This discussion would have me doubting my sanity, were it not for the fact that I spent much of yesterday out on our local hills with my camera in glorious weather, and took 59 shots. Nearly all of these had the exposure set by eye, by me, using the EVF.

The lighting was awkward, in bright winter sunshine, but with very deep winter shadows. The camera couldn't be expected to get the exposure right, because it couldn't read my mind as to what was important and what wasn't. I half-pressed the release and let go (giving the metering system a quick look at the scene), and then turned the EV correction (in Aperture Priority mode) up and down using the thumbwheel until it looked right, then took the shot. In every case I got what I expected, immediately visible as a 'quickview' in the EVF. Once or twice I took two differently-exposed shots, with a view to HDR-style merging later.

When I saw your message late yesterday evening, doubting my sanity, I tried taking some shots in the ambient domestic lighting, again adjusting exposure by eye. It still worked just asI expected, to my relief.

I'll start a new thread, with examples,about this in the Kodak forum, hoping that someone from Kodak will tell us what's going on. As for the EVF adjusting itself to ambient lighting, I don't see how this could work. The hole is bunged up by your eye, so the camera can't tell, surely?

On my camera at least, I think the EVF gets a signal from the sensor, via the stopped-down lens, according to the metering system plus any EV correction, post-processes itusing the raw-jpg settings (built-in and from the menus), and displays what it thinks it's going to put in the file, when eventually you push the button.

If what I'm saying is a load of rubbish, I apologise, but it's a remarkable coincidence if the many thousands of satisfactory shots I've done using this method were all accidental.

It's possible I may have misled folk over the half-press. It's not while the button is pressed that the live preview is present; it's after it's released. The button has to be pushed first to give the focus & metering a view of the sensor. Thereafter, if you wind the EV value (or aperture, or shutter speed) up & down via the thumbwheel , the EVF image obediently lightens & darkens, and if you display the histogram, it adjusts itselfexactly as you'd expect.

This thread has degenerated with my assistance into a ratherKodak superzoom-specific discussion. Its relevance to EVF opinions is that EVFs that don't have a live preview definitely need one. That facility, plus image stabilisation, are revolutions in my photography, removing the most common obstacles to success. I only had to wait 48 years or so (59th birthday today!).
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Happy birthday!

I don't really think this has degenerated into a Kodak only discussion as Gregg has provided useful information on two FZ Panys and a UZ Oly. It almost seems that we three are the only ones seriously using EVFs. If that were really true that would be a shame because it's a must have feature for me.

One other comment that I think extends beyond Kodak, I switched off Quickview after my sesson with the camera outdoors and haven't switched it back on. Many of my photo situations involve moving subjects, birds, people, aircraft and cars and Quickview just in the way.

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