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I recently bought a Kodak ZD710 camera (see here).
I would like to add the CKC 8x32 sharpshooter
The problem is that my camera thread seems to be 38mm while the sharpshooter is 37mm.

I've asked if I can screw the sharpshooter on my cam, and surprisingly I've been told that my cam doesn't have any thread (but seems like there is one)and that I should use this universal adapterbut seems everything but handy.

I contacted kodak to ask them how to solve this issue, they told me to use this adapter
The adapter seems to be for 45-55mm, while my cam is 37mm and the other sharpshooter is 37mm..how it this gonna work ?

I'm a bit lost now, what do you think is the best solution to mount the sharpshooter on my cam ? Aren't there special 37-38mm adapters ?

Thanks for your reply

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You have a pretty good zoom range on your camera as is, and adding a conversion lens of that size is almost certain to cause vignetting and quite a bit of light loss. At the magnification that lens would give you, you would also have to contend with quite a bit of motion blur without a very steady tripod and remote release.

If you still wish to do this, try posting to the add-on lens forum for tips from those who have more experience.

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You don't really want to use that lens with the ZD710. It is intended for smaller 3x and 2x zoom lenses not 10x like the ZD710. The only adapter that Kodak provides is a 45.5mm to 55mm to use their .7 WA lens and 1.4 telephoto lens. Olympus also make auxiliary lenses with a 55mm tread that are well thought of in Kodak user circles. The lens you reference would make a joke out of your fairly decent camera.

If you think your camera has 38mm threads you're not looking at the threads intended for filters and auxiliary lenses.
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