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Here's my dilema i realize it's pretty generalized but---been reading different articles all day on this. Basically should I buy a 2x teleconverter + the adapter for my Canon Powershot A620 or do I go ahead and buy say a 10-12x optical camera? CC has several on clearance in my area in this optical range.

I do alot of nature walking/photography as well as on vacations/sports events that I would like some closeups of far distant things. I have read that the A620 is subject as most to vignetting.

Comparing my camera w/ a 2x teleconverter (midrange $100 or so ) to that of a 10x optical new camera--what would I be better doing for the hobbies I enjoy.

Thanks for your thoughts and help!!!!
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A 2x TC (Teleconverter) will degrade image quality significantly, and it will also cause light loss.

I'd go with a camera with a longer zoom lens instead. See the Super Zoom category in our Best Cameras List for some models that are deemed to be a good value within this market niche.

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I'd definitely agree with JimC. I have a Canon A610 and found that I rarely used the lens adapter and add-on lenses for it due to optical degradation and the simple fact that they area pain to use. Once you've added all that to the front of your camera you're carrying around something that can hardly be called compact.

Get yourself a superzoom or do as I did and move to a DSLR.

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If you can get tele converter cheap, it is ok, otherwise better way is to buy new camera. With converter you can not use whole range of zoom but only last mm.
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