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That's about it.

I suspect one of the reasons that no conversion is done with DSLR is that many lenses fitr both film and digital cameras and with third party lenses the same lens fits a number of manufacturers with different size sensors. It's a lot easier to give the focal length and let the user figure out the field of view. With compacts the lens is fixed on the camera so the field of view is fixed so an equivalent focal length has more meaning.

With a DSLR it's not too difficult once you know which camera you're talking about. I use Nikon and the crop factor is 1.5 that's the same for all lenses so if I want to get an idea of the field of view I multiply the lens focal length by 1.5 and that gives me something that I can relate to my experience with 35mm film. For Canon it's 1.6 for Olympus 2 I suspect Sony is 1.5 as Nikon uses some Sony sensors. Other than that I don't know but once you've decided on a camera it's not too hard to find out just look at Steve's reviews or ask the question in the relevant DSLR forum.

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One more thing.

When discussing zoom, 10X (read 10 times) zoom means the longest focal length is 10 times the shortest focal length.

When discussing magnification, however, 10X (read 10 power) magnification means that a lens produces an image that is ten times larger than normal.

The two '10X's are not interchangeable. To use some of the terms you're already familiar with, a zoom lens with a range of 18-180mm (or, more correctly,a lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length range of 18-180mm) is a 10X zoom. But a 50mm lens (or, more correctly,a lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 50mm) has an angle of view of about 40 degrees or 1X (read 1 power) magnification, so an 18-180mm zoom lens would only produce a maximum magnification of less that 4X (read 4 power.)
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